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guide application

  1. FiKo


    Minecraft Username: FiKo Date Joined: 09/04/2018 What Country are you from: From Poland, live in Ireland. Are you regularly on our voice communication?: Yes Do you talk on our voice communication?: Yes What makes a great guide according to you?: Well, in my opinion a great guide has a...
  2. awaywind

    Accepted awaywind

    Application for Guide awaywind 25 March 2017 I live in the US. I usually play in the afternoons, in the summer (late May, all of June and July) I am on throughout the day. Not regularly on voice communication, but I just got Discord. I do talk on voice communication. A good guide...
  3. jojovett

    jojovett Guide Application

    Minecraft Username: jojovett Date Joined: 23 June, 2014 What country are from / What time do you usually play online: The Netherlands / I usally play on friday and the weekends in the in the evening and midday. Are you regularly logged on Teamspeak? Yes What makes a great Guide according to you...