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  1. R

    Cancelled I would like to help

    So i have been on the server and i loved it the deatails and all was perfect but when you explore hobbitton, rohan, gondor, elven lands and isengard you want to go to morfor but... There is nothing there and i would love to ask if i can help in mordor section and start creating the...
  2. Brownieb79

    Texture Pack Problems

    So i have been having an issue with my texture packs, specifically in Gondor, some of the blocks on the ground are bright blue, and the say "Unused BO" on them, i have no other resource backs downloaded, i have it in the settings to use the texture packs given with the server, and have had some...
  3. D

    Help, stuck in cave

    help please I have a problem, I managed to log in and start the quiz, but as I got in the cave no question popped up and i'm stuck in there, can't move, can't use the chat, don't know what to do.
  4. Unicode_


    Help on the fourms it says I’m 17 but I’m not I’m actually 14! Wow ya thanks pls help bye SOS -Uni
  5. U

    Help, no teleport

    I've finished the quiz, and it says it is teleporting me to Bag End. But I've been at the end for a few minutes. Help me!?
  6. Unicode_


    Hey just a quick question can someone explain how you get commoner rank I heard about some xp bar thing? Ya ok Thanks, UnicodeMC
  7. W

    Visiting Help

    Hi.... I built a hobbit themed build a while ago in plots... I was wondering how to get to it with a command for I have no earthly {nor middle earthly} idea where it is. Also, I'd like to make a schematic of it so I can use it for my survival world. Please advise thanks! WhiteWolf001
  8. JohnSolo

    Stuck at spawn

    Alright, so I'm a new member, and I recently just joined the server. When I first joined, I was told to take a quiz in order to access the rest of the server. The quiz appeared to me once, but before I could complete it, it disappeared. Currently, I'm stuck at the spawn area in the cave, and I...
  9. W

    Ok, new to the thread old to ME in MC

    Hi, I'm WhiteWolf001. On modded servers I'm Glossenra (elvish for white of wolf). I've built and am currently (due to a reset) re-building Thranduil's halls in survival on the modded server I play on. I thought I'd offer my designs and services to this epic vanilla server. I'd be glad to help...
  10. M

    Please help

    Hi, I've just recently decided to go back onto MCME after a while of not going on the server. So, I logged on I had to do the quiz again (which I was fine with), got all the answers correct and then I clicked the button to enter the MCME world and I got a message to me in the chat saying "You...
  11. M

    Failed to verify username! - Plz Help

    I have tried to find the "quiz" on the website but I can not find any links pointing there. I'm guessing this is how we get white listed on the server, am I right? I have been on this server before, although it has been probably 4 years since I have been on. Any information you can give so I can...
  12. apachey

    Please, help me find 2Bucks server coverage video (details inside)

    Guys, please help me, you're my last hope! Does anyone have saved file on computer/archived video somewhere/link to a working video... Anything... Video that i'm looking for was deleted on youtube. Information: Video was posted by user IGive2Bucks (known as "2 Bucks"). Channel name was...
  13. franzvong

    Minecraft noob

    Hello all Not sure if this is the right section of the forum where to post this kind of request, but haven't found a better one. I've just logged in for the first time in MCME, but more importantly... I've logged for the first time Minecraft too, that I've downloaded only to visit Middle-Earth...
  14. HaitiNoah


    why is the server going down so often nd how long is this expected to continue?
  15. G

    Accidentally claimed a plot

    I didn't know /theme would automatically create me a plot in the Morannon build... I really don't have time to build on it. Can I "unclaim" it in any way?
  16. gadget271

    Available commands for Adventurers

    Available commands for Adventurers This has now been moved to Resources: Available Commands For Adventurers