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  1. JarNO_WAY

    What are these places? Marble Hill and Isle of bears (and the story behind Fields of Cormallen)

    For my upcoming trial tour I wish to learn about these locations (My tour will be centered around the river anduin, if you wish to know :)). -Isle of Bears I have been searching around in all of my sources but haven't found any information about this place. In the Atlas of Tolkien's Middle...
  2. Eriol_Eandur

    Forum Rules

    Lore Discussions There have been some very interesting lore discussion on discord, but they get out of sight very quickly there. So I would like to move essential contributions of these discussions over here. I hope in this way they might be useful in the future. They will be linked to...
  3. Darki

    Wiki Page of all the Warps

    I have been working on the a Warp List on the Wiki Page together with @RubenPieterMark (originally his idea). The idea is to make a Screenshot of every Warp and to add both server and normal lore to it. This will help new People with many of their questions: Where to go? What places have been...
  4. TheSpeedy_

    Quick Lore Lesson

    As I'm sure many of you have some level of knowledge regarding the lore of Lord of the Rings, not everyone has. And our own @JordD04 has a great YouTube series going very in-depth into the lore, which you should definitely check out! But for those of you who would like a quick overview of the...