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  1. Helms Deep 4

    Helms Deep 4

    Helms Deep at midnight
  2. Helms Deep 3

    Helms Deep 3

    Helms Deep at night
  3. Helms Deep 2

    Helms Deep 2

    Helms Deep at day
  4. Hence, the battle for Helms Deep Comences

    Hence, the battle for Helms Deep Comences

  5. Helms Deep

    Helms Deep

    Helms Deep (my favourute place) at sunset
  6. TyGl20

    In Progress TyGl20 Artist Application

    Date: April 8, 2019 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Many sewer jobs in Dol Amroth, A few Moria house interiors, road detailing in Gondor, multiple vegetation on houses in Osgiliath. Themed-builds: Anorien, Lake Town, Bree, Orc Hold, Black Gate, Ranger Camp Additional Builds: A few projects on freebuild...
  7. Marco_Playzzz

    Canceled Marco_Playzzz's Artist Application

    MC Username: Marco_Playzzz (was called MarcoDrummerBoy1 when I joined) The date I joined: Late August 2018 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Vegetating Osgo houses with Oberanio (trial job), Rohan Village walls with Thomasd19, Destroying DA interiors with Barteldvn, Vineyards, fields, river terraining, and...
  8. T

    TMNTacular95 Artist Application

    I joined July 15th, 2017, around 3 pm. I enjoy building any types of things, as long as it's not endless replacing of floors. I uploaded 5 of my current one, and 4 of my other builds. I applied for this, because I would like to be able to build MCME, and to improve it so that all people may...

    In Progress ~MCME~ custom adventuremap

    in the works is a custom adventuremap for the lovely server mcme with an automatic loadup of the resourcepack used in the game aswell as advanced sounds played throughout the map. you get to be a hobbit and go on different quests throughout the game. aswell as it has custom warping area aswell...


    i was wondering if i can post multiple threads to the video section or just keep it under one tab? oh well let me know this is basically part (1-na) all hd and 60 fps im now using handbreak to officially reduce my gig amount enjoy as i do want to make this community even stronger :)
  11. M

    Please help

    Hi, I've just recently decided to go back onto MCME after a while of not going on the server. So, I logged on I had to do the quiz again (which I was fine with), got all the answers correct and then I clicked the button to enter the MCME world and I got a message to me in the chat saying "You...
  12. apachey

    Please, help me find 2Bucks server coverage video (details inside)

    Guys, please help me, you're my last hope! Does anyone have saved file on computer/archived video somewhere/link to a working video... Anything... Video that i'm looking for was deleted on youtube. Information: Video was posted by user IGive2Bucks (known as "2 Bucks"). Channel name was...

    Just a walk around in MCME

    Did a video of me walking around minecraft middle earth with shaders. hope it was worth watching. sorry didnt know my mic was off since i was using a new recording software :( still hope you enjoy.

    GUI themes

    here is some theme ideas using the screenshots from around the server. I only created one to get your guy's viewpoints as well as comments towards these. would these be a lovely add on? screenshots listed below are the ones that will be hopefully used. if you have one of the server please post...
  15. Julius_the_Great

    Accepted julianelijah77 Artist Application

    Date I joined the server: Late September 2015 was when I joined, but I only really started playing in late December. Jobs etc. I participated in: I ruined a furnost house along with SmaugJuice. I participated in one job where me and a couple others fixed floating bushes around a mountain. I...
  16. TheSpeedy_

    ~MCME Times~ #35/15 Changes with Changes

    Sunday, September 13, 2015 Opening Statement Hello ladies and gentlemen, we would like to welcome you all to the MCME Times Issue #35! Many of you are not new to the Times, and enjoy having a place to get some quick updates on the server operations and happenings. Since the Times first...
  17. Lothlorien Docks

    Lothlorien Docks

    The lovely docks of Caras Galadhon at sunset.
  18. Emyn Arnen

    Emyn Arnen

    Two lovely hamlets in Emyn Arnen at midnight.
  19. Opening Ceremonies Speech

    Opening Ceremonies Speech

    Lizzy leads the Opening Ceremonies speech for the 2014 Two Trees Summer Event
  20. Droog Race Heat 2

    Droog Race Heat 2

    @Skyscape wins heat 2 of the first 2014 Droog Races!