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  1. Eriol_Eandur

    Texture Ideas

    This thread is for ideas about which textures would be cool for Mordor. But please don't submit textures here. For submitting a texture start a new thread. Please use this format to explain your ideas: Texture Name: Choose one, but choose wisely Texture Description: Describe how you imagine...
  2. Eriol_Eandur

    Rules for Mordor Texture forum

    Call for Mordor Textures Creating a completely new resource pack for Mordor is quit a big task. Mordor is quite different from all other areas we build so far. We need a lot of new textures and would like your help with creating textures. This is your chance to influence how our Mordor will...
  3. Raffyyy

    Other fortresses in Mordor

    Hey everyone, hope you're well and all alright. This thread will be about the upcoming Mordor project, and some things to do with minor details. Basically. I'm asking, what, if it can be answered yet, is going to happen in regards to the fortification of not only the Ephel Duath (Mountains...
  4. sawApenguin


  5. q220

    Mordor Pack Newhost

    The pack used in Mordor.
  6. SKy_the_Thunder

    Middle Earth Banners 2016-10-03

    A custom resourcepack that replaces the "flower" banner pattern with the White Tree of Gondor, the "mojang" pattern with the Horse of Rohan and the "creeper" pattern with the Red Eye of Mordor. Just download it into your "resourcepacks" folder and activate it (make sure it is the topmost of...