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  1. Eriol_Eandur

    Food Production of Dwarf Kingdoms

    I heard about some discussion was going on on discord about how dwarfs farmed their food. Discord is not really suited for such discussion (I missed it and I can't find it now that I know of) but it seems quite important to me. So I'd like to start a discussion here or if you think the...
  2. A cave in Moria being built

    A cave in Moria being built

  3. q220

    Moria Pack November 11, 2017

    Resourcepack for Moria. Beware that this pack uses costum blockstates, and might degrade performance on slow computers.
  4. vonfrank42

    Moria layout/progress map suggestion

    The recently released pictures of Moria in this weeks' MCME Times look amazing. I didn't even know that much work had been completed yet. This makes me wonder how many other members of the community and visitors to the server are unaware of Moria's progress so far. Perhaps there can be some way...
  5. Finrod_Amandil

    ~The MCME Times~ #31/15

    Opening Statement You all, especially the younger ones among you, know the ever present stereotype of the lazy gamer doing "nothing" all day long. Many of you know the situation that five minutes after you turned on your PC (or whatever device it shall be) you already get blamed by someone to...