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  1. Fireinferno13

    Fireinferno's Extras 2017-07-12

    This is not an official MCME resource. Users are welcome to use this resourcepack overlay for personal/private use only. MCME is the only public entity allowed to pull from this resourcepack. This resourcepack is meant to overlay with all MCME resourcepacks. It includes additional mob, item...
  2. awaywind

    Enabling Server Resource Packs (Visual Guide)

    Here is a visual guide on how to enable server resource packs for the Minecraft Middle-Earth server. Step One: Open up Minecraft and click on 'Multiplayer' to bring up your list of servers. Step Two: Then click on the Minecraft Middle-Earth server, so the edit option is lit up. Step Three...
  3. q220

    All Resource Packs Newhost

    This download contains a zip archive with the following resources: Moria Pack Rohan Pack Lothlorien Pack Gondor Pack Eriador Pack
  4. q220

    How to install a resource pack

    This is a tutorial showing you on how to install a Resource Pack. It has both a video, and written explanation. How to install a Resourcepack First, you need to visit our Official Resourcepacks | Minecraft Middle Earth page that shows all currently released official resourcepacks. Chose the...