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  1. 2019-10-14_21.57.48.png


  2. Rohan 128 chunk render distance

    Rohan 128 chunk render distance

    View of Rohan from Helm's Deep. Using 128 chunk render distance, AMAZING, but heavy stuttering and low fps! Had to fly around for 5 minutes to load it all in!
  3. 2019-05-16_16.03.52.png


    LakeTown in Rohan
  4. 2019-05-15_22.10.46.png


    Village built attached to a mountain (Rohan)
  5. Rohan


    A beautiful little village in Rohan
  6. awaywind

    In Progress The Adventures of Awaywind: Screenshots

    Introduction Welcome to my screenshot thread! I'll continually post screenshots on here from my time on the server. Information about my screenshots: I use the server resource packs and F1 to get rid of the hand and tool bar, I don't use shaders or Optifine currently but I'm looking to get them...

    Biome specific textures 1.8 for Rohan pack (Ideas)

    Just a quick demonstration of the use of biome specific textures on any block of your choosing using optifines ctm method. works well only did a few block to test out how it will connect and look. These textures won't remove the original textures. the original textures can still spawn with the...
  8. SKy_the_Thunder

    Middle Earth Banners 2016-10-03

    A custom resourcepack that replaces the "flower" banner pattern with the White Tree of Gondor, the "mojang" pattern with the Horse of Rohan and the "creeper" pattern with the Red Eye of Mordor. Just download it into your "resourcepacks" folder and activate it (make sure it is the topmost of...