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  1. T

    port number for ip server

    hi i just downloaded the resource packs for minecraft for windows 10 but its not appearing and i cant access the server cause i dont have the port number PLEASE HELP!!
  2. JohnSolo

    Stuck at spawn

    Alright, so I'm a new member, and I recently just joined the server. When I first joined, I was told to take a quiz in order to access the rest of the server. The quiz appeared to me once, but before I could complete it, it disappeared. Currently, I'm stuck at the spawn area in the cave, and I...
  3. apachey

    Do you know those users?

    I know this might sound weird or suspicious, but I need to contact those users, because they participated in video of server coverage that has been deleted, and i'm trying to find it. Maybe by any chance you know them? Or you're one of them? Petrimace Nelon woutaah flicker shadeslayer They had...
  4. apachey

    Please, help me find 2Bucks server coverage video (details inside)

    Guys, please help me, you're my last hope! Does anyone have saved file on computer/archived video somewhere/link to a working video... Anything... Video that i'm looking for was deleted on youtube. Information: Video was posted by user IGive2Bucks (known as "2 Bucks"). Channel name was...