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  1. Commoner HQ Garden From my Room Window

    Commoner HQ Garden From my Room Window

    The title is good enough
  2. Underharrow in the morning

    Underharrow in the morning

  3. The Brandywine Bridge

    The Brandywine Bridge

  4. Rivendell


    my computer didnt like this but i sure did
  5. Isengard


    Trying to get a picture of the full area currently but the render distance isnt being nice, this turned out good though
  6. Argonath


  7. Minas Tirith

    Minas Tirith

  8. Im new at this... (Warp North).png

    Im new at this... (Warp North).png

    First Screenshot in memory
  9. Skii7niX

    Screenshots by Skii7niX

    Screenshots by Skii7niX These are all the screenshots I have taken so far, feel free to comment on locations that you think would be great to screenshot or just comment your opinion. I will be updating this over time when I get more screenshots!
  10. Fraspace5

    Fraspace5 Screenshots and render

    This is my media section: Screenshot of DA:


    i was wondering if i can post multiple threads to the video section or just keep it under one tab? oh well let me know this is basically part (1-na) all hd and 60 fps im now using handbreak to officially reduce my gig amount enjoy as i do want to make this community even stronger :)
  12. The mountains behind Rivendell

    The mountains behind Rivendell

    Shader: Chocapic13 V5 Extreme. Time: 0600
  13. Hobbiton


    Shader: Chocapic13 V5 Extreme. Time: 0515. Maxed out settings.
  14. C

    Minecraft Shaders Problem

    Hello!I am trying to use Seus v10.1 ultra shaders on minecraft 1.8, but everytime i try to activate it, with optifine or GLSL shaders, i get some strange graphics, with the error Invalid program:composite1 and Failed creating shadow framebuffer!(status 36054).This happens when i run minecraft...

    Just a walk around in MCME

    Did a video of me walking around minecraft middle earth with shaders. hope it was worth watching. sorry didnt know my mic was off since i was using a new recording software :( still hope you enjoy.

    Simple addons to all packs/downloaded/from server

    MCME SHADERS LIGHTMAP V.1 DOWNLOAD V.1 HERE ->MCMEshader.zip I've created a Lightmap/overlay for all the packs. Made it compatible with the ones you download from the website to the ones when you enable the pack on the server. this brightens the mood of the pack(s) to a different extent without...
  17. Finrod_Amandil

    Modding Guide: Optifine, Shaders, Minimap

    This tutorial covers: Forge 1.10.2 - Optifine 1.10.2 HD Ultra with Shaders Mod - Journeymap 1.10.2 Incrase allocated RAM for better performance Step 1: Back up & Clean up (optional) The best way to start modding Minecraft is wiping away any old stuff that may disturb any of the mods. This...