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#20/15 [Concept Build] High Moors of Rivendell


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Concept Build
Concept Builds are Themed Builds that serve as opportunity to gather ideas for styles currently needed on the main server. They of course can be used for Artist applications.
Concept Builds last for one week.

High Moors of Rivendell

Every swamp, moor, bog and marsh on the server has a very distinct style. In this Concept Build it shall be your task to find a style for the High Moors of Rivendell, that then can later be used in jobs to build the entirety of the moors. The plots you will get are therefore fairly small, as it really is about the style, which can be showed off on rather small scales.

Note that it is only about the moors / bogs, and not about the steep valleys between them that are mentioned below.

J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbit - Chapter 3: A Short Rest said:
That sounded nice and comforting, but they had not got there yet, and it was not so easy as it sounds to find the Last Homely House west of the Mountains. There seemed to be no trees and no valleys and no hills to break the ground in front of them, only one vast slope going slowly up and up to meet the feet of the nearest mountain, a wide land the colour of heather and crumbling rock, with patches and slashes of grass-green and moss-green showing where water might be.

Morning passed, afternoon came; but in all the silent waste there was no sign of any dwelling. They were growing anxious, for they now saw that the house might be hidden almost anywhere between them and the mountains. They came on unexpected valleys, narrow with deep sides, that opened suddenly at their feet, and they looked down surprised to see trees below them and running water at the bottom. There were gullies that they could almost leap over; but very deep with waterfalls in them. There were dark ravines that one could neither jump nor climb into. There were bogs, some of them green pleasant places to look at with flowers growing bright and tall; but a pony that walked there with a pack on its back would never have come out again.

It was indeed a much wider land from the ford to the mountains than ever you would have guessed. Bilbo was astonished. The only path was marked with white stones some of which were small, and others were half covered with moss or heather. Altogether it was a very slow business following the track, even guided by Gandalf, who seemed to know his way about pretty well.
Resourcepack: Eriador - Extended

There is a specially made texture pack for this Themed Build. You can download it >>here<< from my personal website. Its mostly the Eriador pack, however with many additional plants and terrain block textures imported from the other packs, so that you have hopefully more than enough textures to experiment with.
This pack is no official update and should only be used for this Themed Build.

Important note:
There are some flowers that are technically saplings; as on Freebuild block updates are enabled, they may grow into trees! To fix that, please put a block of white stained glass (invisible) ontop of each sapling.
Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Before you start, be sure to check out the site for the High Moors with /warp Rivendell (all the flat areas will be filled with moors).
Also check out all the swamps and similar we already have, to get some ideas. Heres a complete list of them (if no further information is given, there is a direct warp to that location):
  • Rushock Bog: /warp Needlehole and fly south-east.
  • Overbourne Marsh
  • Southern Marshes
  • Swanfleet
  • Midgewater Marshes (/warp Midgewater)
  • Dead Marshes
  • Nindalf
  • Fenmarch
  • Hallowmere
The default biome is Jungle, however that can be changed to any other.
Check out /warp biomes on Plotworld to get an overview of the most common ones.

And here is a concept picture of a real high moor:

If you have any questions about the task, please post it right in this thread.

Themed Builds are used in applications for the Artist rank.

No poll this week, the result from the last Themed Build will be used next week.

How to participate
Use the following instructions to get your ThemedBuild working:
  • Join Freebuild server! IP: freebuild.mcmiddleearth.com
  • Get to the ThemedBuild world: /warp theme
  • Claim a plot: /theme
  • Go to your plot (after claiming): /theme toplot
  • Reset your plot if you want to start over: /theme resetplot
  • People who have reserved a plot but not built in it in the first 2 hours may have their claim removed by staff members.

Artist Application Guidelines

How to apply for Artist
  • You'll need screenshots of at least one ThemedBuild as part of an Artist application.
  • Screenshots should be taken using the resourcepack defined at the top of this post.
  • Take at least one screenshot of your ThemedBuild with your plot-sign clearly visible.
  • Upload your screenshots to an image hoster, preferably make an album on imgur.com
  • Apply >>here<< by making a thread with your username as title, and follow >>this format<<
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Damn it finrod! I used the sapplings in my themed build and they all started to grow! Some on the edge had leaves outside my plot and I couldn't destroy those! The acacia sapplings I have cleared by putting invisible glass above them, but I'm not sure how to find the oak ones!


hon. Head Designer
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Damn it finrod! I used the sapplings in my themed build and they all started to grow! Some on the edge had leaves outside my plot and I couldn't destroy those! The acacia sapplings I have cleared by putting invisible glass above them, but I'm not sure how to find the oak ones!
Oh lol didnt think of that ;)