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2014 - A Year in Reflection

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Hardcore MCME-er
A Year in Reflection

At the end of each year we often look back. We look back at the time we’ve spent doing things, the moments we’ve created and shared. We remember the challenges and accomplishments that we had to go through. We look back because its a story we often like to tell ourselves in the form of a proverbial diary, photograph book or scrap book. In what form you may interpret it, we look back because it gives us an awareness of who we are, how we change and how we learn to adapt to what endeavour we meet.

MCME at its fourth year passing has provided us with a continued foundation into an inception of experiences that changes not only us but the community itself. The server continues to grow and I am honoured to have been apart of that.

Lets take the time to look back on what has happened in the past year.


Jesse Cox Tour
Jesse Cox Touring our Server for the 4th time. He had visited locations such as Osgiliath Minas Tirith

Completion of Projects such as Ost-In-Edhil, Minas Tirith, Edoras Revamp, Rivendell Revamp, Ithilien and not to mention another Shire Revamp.

Two Trees Summer Event
Two Trees Summer Event. An event that ran for one month. The summer event included the Great Lore Tour, various competitive events, Skin Contest, the Awards Ceremony and Closing Ceremony.​

Weekly Times
Start of the MCME Weekly Times. You can find the compilation of past and current articles here

MCME Podcast
Unofficial Podcast founded by @rcpopcornman . First of its kind

Retirements & Promotions
Various Staff Retirements due to internet arch-nemesis IRL. But there are promotions aswell! You can find who had been promoted/of current Staff, Guides and Artists in the MCME Timeline Document found here

Fable of The Five Wizards
Release of the 2nd MCME Adventure Map ‘Fable of the Five Wizards’

Link to Resource

Rank Merge
The rank merge of Artisan, Foreman and Steward into the now Designer Rank. Bounder has changed its title to Enforcer and Ranger to Guide


Your Reflection
So what has been your fondest memory of this year? Any particular experience or memory that you think is worthy of noting, from the things above or your own.

Feel free List your Top 3 or Top 5 moments below or perhaps write your own review of this year
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Hardcore MCME-er
I would say that my fondest memories would be from just hanging out with all the lovely friends that I have made on the server. It is truly an honor to have met you and I am so very grateful that many of you consider me a friend. A special shout-out to my fellow Guides (@Arkengard @CEFKILLA41320 @kyzcool @Lady_Of_Rohan @rcpopcornman ), @SugarKoala , and @Iru . May 2015 bring us many more good memories together.
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Hardcore MCME-er
I am glad to have made a return to the server this year and to have met so many awesome new people, and been able to reconnect with some other older players. I havent been able to be on much lately these past few months, but I should be able to be more active now which I am very grateful for!


I dont have a favourite top 3; cuz it was all great. But if i must choose, my greatest moments were logging into this awesome server, building all those things, and becomming an Artist. But where im most gratefull for is the many great friends i made this year.
Thx all for the fantastic year! :D
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Lead Builder
Staff member
Lead Builder
My best memory was helping building the giant igloo in the misty mountains. such a fun job


Builds diagonally
I'm just tagging a long at the very end of this year--but I'm glad to be returning to MCME. So far, I've had the most fun I've had in a social-heavy game since a some time ago, when I lead a guild on WoW back in 2008. @yomama629 and I found ourselves pitifuly rewriting the inscription of the One Ring to match the tune of "Let it Go" from Frozen -Musical Genius- I've taken up gardening duties on the Linhir roads while providing feedback and receiving feedback on themes and jobs such as Dol Amroth and Annúminas. I've enjoyed every minute of it--and MCME will always be a celebrated past time going forward. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!
Also, check out the theme builds for Bamfurlong this week on the Freebuild Server. Amazing work coming from everyone there!
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One Of Us
This year I am grateful for:

-Real Madrid winning the Champions League
-Turning 21 and being able to drink legally for the first time
-Monster Energy for making my mornings easier, Corona for making my evenings smoother, and Jose Cuervo for making my nights funner
-Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus for giving me great tracks to dance to
-Peter Jackson for making an other awesome trilogy of my favorite stories

And of course for everyone who make the best server on Minecraft what it is today. Happy new year guys!

P.S. @HeartseekerDK let's send the Black Speech version of Let It Go to Disney so Idina Menzel can make a music video of it


Staff member
Its a tie between the following:

1) My drunk nights on the server that have been forever recorded thanks to @pheonixsang

2) Ithilien. This project was ridiculously difficult but in the end, ridiculously rewarding in the way in turns out. Proud of the work that I put into this project as well as proud of the work that everyone put into this project to make it what it was :)
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