• Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : 3ru1luvatar
Date Joined : 23-24 March 2015 (Left server about a year ago as nathans13 which was same account but changed username couple months ago. If proof needed, I have a screenshot of the name change.)
Themed Build participated in: As 3ru1luvatar: Brandywine Bridge. As nathans13: Rhosgobel, Barad Nimras (first one), Gondorian mills, Elven flets.
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: What is your preferred building style? I prefer building Gondorian/Elven houses for cities, detailing walls and buildings, and adding decor/character to houses inside and out.


Hardcore MCME-er
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