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#4/15 The Green Dragon Inn

Next weeks ThemedBuild:

  • Iant Iaur (Old Bridge)

    Votes: 14 31.8%
  • Minas Tirith [Beleriand]

    Votes: 23 52.3%
  • Lond Daer

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hon. Head Designer
ThemedBuilds run weekly, starting around Saturday 9PDT/17GMT.
Apologise the delay on this one, we had to sort out a few technical things ere I was capable of backing up MaD.

'The Green Dragon Inn'
Reference: Tolkien Gateway
Resourcepack: Eriador
ThemedBuilds are used in applications for the Artist rank.

Vote for next week's ThemedBuild in the poll above this post. If a topic remains unchosen four consecutive times it will be replaced with another option.

How to participate
Use the following instructions to get your ThemedBuild working:
  • Join Freebuild server! IP: freebuild.mcmiddleearth.com
  • Access the ThemedBuild world: /warp theme
  • Claim a plot: /theme
  • Go to your plot (after claiming): /theme toplot
  • Reset your plot if you want to start over: /theme resetplot
  • People who have reserved a lot but not built in it in the first 2 hours may have their claim removed by staff members, and staff members only.
  • Staff will not help you with terraforming, copy-pasting, flipping or moving your ThemedBuilds. They can however move your ThemedBuild to a different world when the time has run out. This is to reassure that your build, including terrain, is entirely your work.

Artist Application Guidelines
How to apply for Artist
  • You'll need screenshots of at least one ThemedBuild as part of an Artist application.
  • Screenshots should be taken using the resourcepack defined at the top of this post.
  • Take at least one screenshot of your ThemedBuild with your lot-sign clearly visible.
  • Upload your screenshots to an image hoster, preferably make an album on imgur.com
  • Apply >>here<< by making a thread with your username as title, and follow >>this format<<
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Aspiring Commoner
I am new here, so I hope this is ok to post here:
Regarding this part of the ThemedBuild process:

"Staff will not help you with terraforming, copy-pasting, flipping or moving your ThemedBuilds. They can however move
your ThemedBuild to a different world when the time has run out. This is to reassure that your build, including
terrain, is entirely your work."

I would like to learn to build well enough to (one day) do ThemedBuilds. I have built many different buildings and
other structures on my own pc. However, I have never done anything on any server, and nothing close to the caliber of
the artists on this site. I am thankful for the opportunity to cruise through the FreeBuild server and see how the
pros build things.

So I have created a flat, vanilla Minecraft world ("Middle Earth School") on my pc where I would like to try to do
some of your recent ThemedBuilds just for practice. My question is how do I place a 48X48X48 soild (or hollow) block
of material on my 50X50 spot I have laid out on my practice world? For example, if I was to want to try a Golum's
Cave build I would need a solid block that size. Or if I was to want to do a large chamber that was part of a larger
structure I woudl need a hollow box that size.

I have used (minimally) MCEdit to copy and paste large chunks of something I constructed ( created a section of
tunnel and then copy and pasted to make a very long tunnel underwater). It would seem like that would work in my own
world, but ( I believe) that wouldn't work on the server. Not that I am wanting to paste anything to the server! I
just wonder if there is another program that I should be learning to use now.

Sorry this post is so long. If I have posted in the wrong place I will be glad to delete it and repost in the proper

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of MC Middle Earth :)

Ron <aka Irdrach> <aka Drach>


hon. Head Designer
If you have minecraft 1.8 you can use the /fill command; first make a solid stone cube, then detach with issueing /fill again a smaller air cube.
But feel free to hit a staff member to make you a plot on the lore-appropriate world on freebuild using the WorldEdit plugin ;)


hon. Head Designer
Oh and most importantly @Irdrach: The actual purpose of ThemedBuilds is giving the new players a possibility to learn the MCME build styles, if your first TBs arent perfect yet thats no problem at all, most players cant do better at first. So dont be shy doing the current TB!


Aspiring Commoner
Thanks very much for the help and the quick response. I'll be giving it a try this evening :)

(Future Builder) Drach


Hardcore MCME-er
If you'd like to learn more on building, contact me for feedback or totips and advice. I would suggest to try to join a few jobs to get into building on a server, again contact me to know more. (Make a conversation on the forums if you didn't know how to contact me)


hon. Head Designer
Until the next ThemedBuild starts; so theoretically saturday. I hope green dragon isn't that much work as other topics. In the future I hope to bring up the back up, if needed, already sunday when i write the Times


Aspiring Commoner
Ok. So there's a lot I don't know about how to participate in a Themed Build. I hope to get that straightened out before the next one starts.

In the interim, I decided to just try my hand at building The Green Dragon Inn on my own MC Middle Earth practice world. I tried to re-create the look of the Theme area of the Freebuild Server and I went to town (to the inn). I made lots of mistakes and learned some things along the way (like how to build a fireplace if you want to burn down your inn). In(n) the end it was a worthwhile practice and I hope that I won't disappoint when I actually figure out how to do a themed-build on the server.

@Will_em, thank you for your offer of help/guidance. I will definitely look you up next week on the build server and try to join a job or two.

@Finrod_Amandil thank you again for the info and advice. I hope to get enough information to give the next Themed Build a try. Up to this point I have been using just plain vanilla Minecraft 1.8.1 with the Resource Packs that I got from the Resources section of this web site. I didn't even know about the /fill command until you told me about it and I looked it up. I still haven't mastered it (the Y-coordinate always seems to screw me up), but I was able to use it in building my Green Dragon Inn ( a small part anyway). I had never heard of WorldEdit before you mentioned it, either. So it sounds like that is something else I'll have to learn.

Anyway I hope it's ok if I post a link here to some pictures I took of my Green Dragon Inn of Bywater. I opened a Flickr account just so I could post them. (If I am not supposed to post a link here, please let me know and I apologize and won't do it again)

Since I'm new to Flickr as well, I hope this link actually works ;)


Thanks again to everyone for letting an old fart get his jollies taking part in a world that up until now has been only in my head ( and on the movie screen).

*Edit* Just checked the link and it works ... Sort of.. I intended it to go right to the slideshow, but it just takes you to the album. It would look better if you saw the slide show first and then can browse the photos and I have added descriptions to most. Thanks
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hon. Head Designer
Dear friend, you're taking that whole thing way too serious. Noone needs to practice to do a themed build, you go on the freebuild server, claim a lot (as described in the post above), and if you then build something that even only remotely looks like what the topic is, you're already more than fine.
You don't need to practice for a TB, in fact the TB itself is meant for practising so that you some day are skilled enough to step up to the rank of artist.


Aspiring Commoner
Hi all. Went on Freebuild server last night and reserved a plot to do the ThemedBuild, thinking it was going to be for the new one. When I did /Theme toplot I realized that it was still The Green Dragon Inn. As per the previous post I have *sort of* already done that one. But I figured I could at least try my hand at building something on the server, so I tried to fill the plot with a couple of layers of dirt. The server told me "unknown command" when I did /fill ....

I tried various things: first I realized that to execute a build-type command I needed to be IN my plot, not standing next to it (or floating just outside of it). Bottom line is I could not even execute the /fill command. I seem to remember reading somewhere that I couldn't have any other mods running. I realized this morning that I just in stalled a mod the other night called Optifine. Could that be the reason? or is it something much simpler, like I need to get a leader's permission to build BEFORE I just /theme away?

Thanks again for the support.. Have a great day !


hon. Head Designer
The /fill command will only work on Singleplayer for you; you don't have permissions to most of these commands (because using fill on large areas could be used for serious grief or even crash the server). If you need something like that on the server, ask a staff member which has access to WorldEdit. However for your ThemedBuild everything needs to be entirely your (hand) work.


Aspiring Commoner
I understand. By hand is how I've always done it until you told me about /fill, so by hand I will continue. :)

Thanks again for the support...Onward to Minas Tirith of old!