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Accepted ___Raphi___


Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username: ___Raphi___
Date Joined: 15 April 2014
Themed Build participated in: Golden Perch, 21st Hall, Stweards House, Forgotten Vilages, Hanneth Annûn, Southern Gondor, Ent (all from last year 2014)
Link to screenshots of my Themed Build: http://raphaelsntivy.imgur.com/
Whats is my prefered Building style? I like to experiment and build in all kinds of styles. I've done lots of rohan and elven builds, as an artist last year, so that's what I'm most experienced with.

(I was artist before, but I had to make a break due to obligatory military service here in Switzerland. But I'd like to please the server again with my builds :D)


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Any response/declination or something like that?
Artist applications are checked by Will & Credoo more or less (depending on their availabilty) every two weeks. No direct feedback is given, but you may eventually appear on the watchlist or get promoted.
Applications get never declined


Starting Adventurer
Okay thank you, so I'll just give it another week then. I'll be gone for this week anyways, so maybe something happend when I come back =)