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A few questions about Minas Tirith for a presentation


Starting Adventurer
Hello players!

I am a student from germany and am doing a presentation this wednesday on Minecraft and how it is able to motivate so many people to build so great things.
I chose this server to be my example, due to its many, so well-known buildings. I want to show Minas Tirith to the students in my class. Therefore it would be awesome to know a few things. Maybe you can help me out?

Questions would be:

- How long did it take to build Minas Tirith on this server? (I didn't find this information in the forums, but maybe one of the designers could answer this?)
- How many people were involved? (estimated)
- Why do you, what you do on this server? What is your motivation to create?

It would be very helpful, if a few of you could answer my questions and in doing so help me, making a better presentation on the motivation in minecraft.

I'm hoping, this is the correct Forum for this question and also I apologize for my shitty english.

Hoping for some answers,

kind regards


Staff member
Hi Peter,

Since I was "somewhat" involved in the creation of Minas Tirith, I will try to answer some of your questions.

  • I took around 4 months to build Minas Tirith. That is excluding the planning beforehand. It began with the creation of a wool outline for the walls and each individual level. After that we started building from the top down. When we got a good feeling of the actual style, we opened a plotworld for houses to be made to be pasted in the first layer. When everything was build it took arround a week to check for things we missed and other derps (we still find the occasional derp).
  • This is a difficult question since it is very hard to tell how many people have been on the server during the building of Minas Tirith. We had atleast 3 staff members on it full time me and Despot(who got staff during the building) and Wollip. And some staff members helped out on and off. Artist where allowed to build the layed out houses and the occasional job. Everyone else was allowed to build a house on the plotworld. So all in all i'd say arround 30 to maybe 50 people. The majority being the people who made the houses on the plotworld.
  • I can only answer this for myself. I like to create things. Lord of the rings is something I'm interested in, but the medieval era building an old city's and castles interests me even more. Aside from that I love the community bunch of people working towards a shared goal.
  • Creating something and then have people appreciate and enjoy what you created is one of the best feelings. It sounds a bit selfish and maybe it is but i absolutely love people enjoying the stufff I create and help to create. That is what motivates me to create more. And the community is what keeps me around.
I hope that will answer your questions.


Staff member
Don't forget about basements on almost each level and hidden passages between them :). This was a lot of extra work for many people and it's not seen when you look outside :>.


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Thank you very much! That helps a lot. So building took place every day during the 4 months? An even more difficult question: Can you estimate, how many hours people were on it every day?


the plotbuild setup lots were being built pretty much a round the clock with most different time zones involved since it was an open build area.


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Thank you very much! After I thought it through, I do not need the specific hours played. Also the presentation was scheduled to next week, so I do have some more time :)