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A Messege From The Nogrod Team-Ninja Potafo-Join now.


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Nogrod. Tumuzahar. The Hollowbold.
The greatest of the Ancient Dwarf Cities, Nogrod was revered for it's enormous smithies, incredible craftsmanship abilities, beautiful halls, and it's proud, stubborn, stumpy, warlike, Firebeard Dwarves.

Located in the Blue Mountains south of Belegost, it was built during the Years of the Trees. It basically is my favorite Dwarf Realm :D

I decided that I REALLY wanted to build Nogrod waaay back when proton (may he rest in peace) was still on the server, building KD. When he left, I saw my opportunity, and I am now beginning the project that he was going to do, but never got around too. So here it is! The new Nogrod Project headed by your's truly, ME! However, I do need help in doing this, so I have decided to make it a project, and not just a private build. Seriously, that would take years to finish. It's that big. I'm so stoked you guys.

Basically, I will handle all or most of the planning, depending on whether or not you all join. And really, I will probably want help from you even if you don't join, so you're basically stuck with me. >:-D MWAHAHA. jk jk.

Anywhoo, please join, I'd love to have help from all of you, and as a last side-note before some more info, this project won't be anywhere near on the scale that Kheled-Dum was, because honestly I felt that that project would've never gotten done. But it'll still be pretty darn huge.

Project Head/Forum Update Manager: NinjaPotafo
2nd Head: YoJumbo
Chief Planner: VACANT
Foremen: Davidiscgaming/TheRealDavidisc
Builders: WANTED


P.s from Editor Davidisc- Guys you may think this is is another stupid Tb but it is not... well it is but it is not stupid it is cool. Guys we need more Help it is three people wit the acasional help from two others and it is a big project and I mean BIG ONE. It Would take years. So Pm ninja and he will tell ya wat to do. Thank You.