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A new untamed


Hardcore MCME-er
What is the concept of the "Untamed" series? I never knew there had been any of such, but it sounds interesting :D


Manual Treebuilder

Untamed history lesson:
One day I hosted a race on Tolfalas, and got some nice pictures of @Jonatanknalle in a river. I posted it on discord with the caption "And here we see the wild Jonatanknalle in its natural habitat". Raffy said it should be a real thing, and proceeded to conscript me in to doing it with him. And thus Tolfalas Untamed was born. We did multiple episodes of it, with the finale happening a few weeks ago as we felt we were basically done with the island. And now we're moving on to Anfalas.

As for what it actually is, the Untamed series is a mock nature documentary in the style of a certain David Attenborough, where @Raffyyy and I talk about the wildlife of the areas of Gondor, which are rather "special". Examples from the past series involve the "Arken-Owl" and the "Jona Dolphin". It is mainly impromptu (at least from my end, Raffy may have some notes) and quite memey.

TL;DR it's a comedic parody disguised as a tour (and definitely not just a way for both Raffy and I to get guide points (It actually isn't as we started before they were implemented, but it does help.))