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A suggestion for adding vegetation below the snowline and above the grass line in mountain areas.


Starting Adventurer
Forum Title: A suggestion for adding vegetation below the snowline and above the grass line in mountain areas.
Filename: coarse_dirt.png
Resource Pack: Eriador Lothlorien Gondor Rohan
Texture description: Using the regular stone texture for coarse dirt would allow plants to grow from stone. this would allow addition of vegetation to spruce up stony areas below the snowline and above the grass line. Some of these areas feel bare.
This is consistent with the real world, eg alpine shrubs.
Has this texture already been used? If not, where will it be used? Mountain areas below the snowline
Texture image:

Ingame Image:

this is just showing some grass growing from the retextured coarse dirt in a creative world.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Well these areas are meant to be barren, plants just do not grow on stone in real life either. Furthermore we already need the Podzol block for forst floor ;)
But thanks for the suggestion!


Hardcore MCME-er
I like this idea, despite what @Finrod_Amandil said. Plants do grow through cracks and such in stones, and could make the mountainous areas look a little more realistic and variable (but only where the ground isn't completely snow-covered). However, these plants should be about half the height of normal tall grass, and we also don't need an additional texture to do it (VoxelSniper allows you to plant grass on stone).