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Hardcore MCME-er
We've spoken 'bout that in the last staff meeting. And after that i stopped the thing since the official channel was under work.


Hardcore MCME-er
It's also that q can't be everywhere and control everything, if for example there is someone that acts under the name of mcme than q is responsible. since we are alreadtdy playing with copyright laws and rights that are in the hands of some pretty big laywers, we have to be careful. Q is probably the only one who knows what can and can't be done. For the jesse cox thing, he brings a server showcase and acts under his name. So if he does something, we can't be held responsible. This is a small difference but in drama situations makes up a very different outcome. I don't always agree with the style it is being handled but it is q who has to deal with everything in the end.
I also never seen a real mcme'er do a good tour of the server in the same way jesse cox does them. Maybe I should try that...