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Accepted aaldim [11/7/14]

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Minecraft Username : aaldim
Date Joined : Monday, 30-Sep-2013 09:17:19 UTC
Themed Build participated in:
Finished-TB: Meduseld
(Free)Build: MinasTirith build
(Free)Build: MinasTirith build-2
(Free)Build: Osgillitah build
(Free)Build: Osgillitah build2
Own-Project: Minas Morgul

Finished-TB: Edhellond
Finished-TB: Lockholes
Finished-TB: Carn Dûm
Finished-TB: Southern Gondorian Village
(Free)Build: Osgillitah build2
Finished-TB: White Tower

Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: ^see above^
What is your prefered building style? I like building all sorts of styles. But in special I like building Hobbit, Gondorian and Dwarven builds.

Thanks for your consideration. and I hope you liked my application. :)
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