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About that Minas Morgul


Manual Treebuilder
No offence, and it's slightly unrelated to the topic, but who are you? I think I may have seen you on once a few months ago, but we're presumably almost never on at the same time? I know I'm pretty new, so you may be a veteran who no longer regularly comes on, but I'm just interested to know.

Final idea: A community project does not stop being a community project if one part is done by a small group.

I'd rather not have any animosity, and so I hope you don't take this too badly.


Starting Adventurer
Goes to show how pointless this all really is, eventually there will only be people who weren't here for 90% of the project and won't know the people who were. Why do I even bother?


Hardcore MCME-er
Hearthseeker let me put this in words that you understand “with all due respect”.... do you think it would be a wise decision to just let anyone do one of the most iconic places in Middle Earth?
For all the iconic locations, they have been done by experienced builders, this is either by contest or designer work. It doesn’t matter if the Designers did it before or afterwards, because we as a staff team decided to have Minas Morgul done by designers. Are you now telling us what we should spend our free time doing? Starting Minas Morgul in staff was smart, we weren’t rushed, we took time with it, and people can see results of the new Mordor Pack straight away. Sorry this doesn’t fit in with your schedule however I think it fits in well with the current communities. I don’t think anyone is expecting more from the people working on this server than you. We are all putting in lots of time and energy, and if you don’t like it, then with all due respect move on.


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Head Guide
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Since I joined the server more than 4 years ago it has always been like this:
The most experienced active builders are doing the most importants sturctures of a project.

Also Minas Morgul is far from being finished, there are only the main outer structures. There are still a lot of tasks for Artists and many jobs for Commoners and Adventuerers will happen there.


I will say that please do not take the image as shown. For those who remember pink Minas Tirith the build is little more than a shell with practically no interior workings. It was created mainly to research block testing for the Mordor pack and do some basic laying out along the way.