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About this Forum: Job List

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About | Info | Example
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About | What is it?
A Designer or Assistant or Foreman will post their job as a thread that needs to be completed by a Foreman or an Artist in this forum -using the template shown-, to be read by Foremen, Artist and announced in discord.

Information | How does it all work?

A foreman or artist can then claim the job through reacting to the post in forums with ✅ or any other simple form of claim, the foreman or artist will then when the job is completed, copy the post with the initial information and write FINISHED underneath (with an optional description of how it went and who participated with a screenshot).

Example | Template for Copy & Paste
Title: (make it generic)

Type: (who is it for): [Foreman or Artist]
General area: Eg. Belfalas, Osgiliath, Moria, Mordor
Location[COORDS + description]: Eg. East of Dol Amroth, near Lostfalls with coords [x:5931][z:6255][y:64] /warp name (if there is one)

Description of job: Eg. Building a dirt road following the brown wool lines, try to simulate a realistic dirt road, using a mixture of various dirts, possibly darker shades where cart wheels would travel, etc.
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