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Actual meeting place?


Yellow Flower Puncher
what if there was a building that was accessible by any rank, and was a sort of "main hall" for all of us? it's real hard to make a group without lots of tp-ing and lots of crashing. so, what if there were a place where people could just talk in local chat to spend all of that jobless time away?

during larger events, it would be better to just be able to meet in one place so that those with no mic can still talk via local chat, without having to switch private conversation , after private conversation on discord? (btw no one reads voice chat)

That's what this building thing will be for! an official place where people can be afk, play mini-games, be afk even more, chat and where lazy noobs, who can't even seem to be bothered to check the forum manuals, can get all the info that we've repeated time and time again.

the only problem i can see with this is that it's an extra project to add onto the pile.


One Of Us
I like your thinking, though there are literally hundreds of warps, many of which go to smaller (less laggy) places. So i think if people want to meet up they can just use any of those. As for afk players i don't see why there is currently an issue with people going afk anywhere on the map as it is very unlikely to cause an obstruction tbh. Larger event such as anniversary events tend to be held in a set location anyway e.g. the theatre in Pelargir often hosts ceremonies so during large events the majority of the people participating will be within local chat range anyway.
I think it could be handy to have a place players can go back to for basic server help though the only issue i can see with this is the amount of detail we may need to cover over different topics for new players hence why we use the forums to store information such as the new player guide as it would take tons of signs to have all of this information on.


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Head Builder
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As far as I know we want new players to find their way to the forums. Not only because it's way easier to share information that doesn't get lost as easy as in discord, but also because we want traffic to our website so people that google "Minecraft Lord of the Rings", for example, get our website as one of the top results.
As for minigames: I think this has been discussed multiple times in the past, and the main point that was brought up against this idea was that people would get distracted from building. We do have different ways for people to have fun tho: PvP server, q's arena, guide minigames etc.
You can always ask me for sth to do when bored tho :D.


Aspiring Commoner
We generally meet people when we feel alone or when we need them but it is true for that surrounding is matter. This is quite a good idea to build but it's not that much easy.