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Adding donations back one by one

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Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
I have all the information and transactions for the donations logs of the last three years. Though I will have to add them all manually back one by one. A major issue with this is that I lost around 20.000 user accounts with the crash, and not everyone who donated in the past has re-registered by now. An issue that arises is that I can't manually add a past donation to a user that doesn't exist in my userbase. As of now, I will go through the list and add the donations back for the people who donated in the past and have registered their account again.

Afterwards I will check periodically if these old users have registered their account again, and then I will add their past donations back as well. Luckily, prizes that were given out because you reached a threshold, are still in your possession.

If you have any more questions, you can always contact me.
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