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Adventures In Nelflime Project


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Okay so as some of you know I am a author whom is currently writing a fantasy novel. Over the last few months I have lost motivation on my work. But today I was in health class and I got an Idea while experimenting with a side project. I am going to write a series of short stories explaining the background of all main characters and some vital side characters......... and I need help.

So basically I need people who appreciate fantasy stories which is I would hope a big part of the MCME community. Really what I'm am looking for is people to read it and help me refine it. So editors and proof readers. And maybe an artist to draw a cover for each short story and my book.

This is a project that I have been working on for seven years and in that time I have had many occasions to work on backstory an layout a world and build cities and alot of things so if anyone is interested here is a layout of things.

Adventures in Nelflime

*So yeah there may be alot of main characters but...
  • Viden Nelflime (Zaltar)- One of the main characters in my current book. Basically a angel who broke his holly oath and was striped of godly powers and is now a scholar in Nelflime. He has been In Nelflime for about nine hundred years and is one of the most powerful swordman in Nelflime. He goes by Zaltar to hide who he is in this time period.
  • Sarn Varkon- A main character. He was born to the royal Varkon family. When he was young his father was in a acident* and another family, the Velp family, stepped and took the throne of Nelflime. He is claimed to be a false heir to Varkon by the Velp family. He now lives in Couled and is training to be a Harbin Ranger.
  • Emeir Varkon- A main character. Younger brother to Sarn. He is living at fire rock with a freind of the Varkon family. He is training to be a Habin Ranger Scout.
  • Sar Min Varkon- A main character. Twin sister of Emeir and younger sister to Sarn. Living in Couled with Sarn. In the Couled city guard.
  • Quartin Harbin- A vital side character. A descendent of Melvin Harbin one of the most powerful kings to ever walk Nelflime. He is Lord of Couled.
  • Velsim Harbin- A main character. Daughter of Quartin and lover of Sarn. She is a member of the Harbin Rangers.
  • Calhir Harbin- A main character. A descendent of Couled Harbin brother of Melvin Harbin. Calhir is the youngest lord of Nelflime at the age of fourteen. Lord of Belton.
  • Zalia Velmii- A main character. Daughter of the Elven queen Velmii. Youngest queen of Nelflime at age fourteen. Queen of Santal.
  • Malar Vin- Main antagonist. A fallen God who broke his holly oath. He invaded Nelflime with An army of Orcs about eight hundred years ago. He was temporarily defeated twice by Viden, Velmii, Melvin, and many more.

  • Couled- The oldest city in the south of Nelflime. It was once the largest city eight hundred years ago. Now it is but a fifth of its former self. It has survived four wars. It houses the Mountain Pass one of the four ways into the northern kingdoms of Nelflime. Quartin is Lord of Couled.
  • Fire Rock (Mintine)- Mintine more comonly referred to as Fire Rock lays at the base and somewhat on the mountain Fire. It is the third oldest city in Nelflime. It was given the name Fire Rock when the last fire chieftain of Olondria was slain in battle there. Ecalin is Lord of Mintine.
  • Veltor- A fortified city in Southern Nelflime. It was built eight hundred years ago to defend the north from Malar Vin. It was captured by Olondrian forces four hundred years ago.
  • Nelflin- The Royal city of Nelflin is where the kings of Nelflime have live for eight hundred years. It is the capital of Northern Nelflime. It is the largest city in the North. Alahand Velp is King of Nelflin.
  • Malar- The largest city in the South. It is the capital of Malar, the kingdom with the same name. It is the landing point of Malar Vin. Malar Vin is the king of Malar.
And here is the first little part of my book.

The tall dark grass of Couled Field waved at the sky as the wind blew. The day was excellent in the small town of Belton on the edge of Couled Field. Children playing in tall grass. People browsing goods in the marketplace. Guards enjoying a fine brew of ale atop the watch tower. Dark clouds rolled in and the the sky cracked it's whip and the tears came down. The people headed home. But they all halted there retreat home as a fiery arrow came out the tree line and struck a guard in back. Screams rang out. Then more and more came out the trees. The town went a blaze. The people was a panic. Dark figures emerged from the trees and moved in towards the town. The smoke was heavey and it was impossible to see. The screams fell silent. The smoke fell and all that was left of poor little Belton was a young boy. He sat there with tears burning his eyes.