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Advise for New Members


Starting Adventurer
Hi i have recently just joined and i have been looking for a Middle earth/LOTR/Hobbit server for over 2 years now and i have just recently found this one! I would love to join in and help out with as much as i can and would like the opportunity to prove my self to other players that i can build.
  • I take instructions very well
  • I'm very creative and knowledgeable about LOTR and The Hobbit.
  • I'm always thinking of new ideas and can contribute to the team for the better.
  • I'm patient and consistent with my work.
Finally i would like to ask for any advise from experienced members to advise myself and any other new members.


Hardcore MCME-er
Hello! It's nice to meet you Soldier, welcome to the community!
Firstly, I'd definitely make sure to apply for whitelist at http://whitelist.mcme.co/apply
I'd recommend reading the new player guide under wiki (or my own edited one under resources) to help with this application and understand the server a bit better as a whole. Once whitelisted you're then free to get involved in both servers and are able to do ThemedBuilds for commoner on freebuild and jobs on the the build server to help build projects.
Being active on here, the servers and Teamspeak (also a guide under resources) can also help get yoruself immersed in the community, but feel free to take small steps unless you like jumping straight in!
Most members of the community are happy to answer questions, so if you have any, feel free to ask. c:
I look forward to seeing you more :D


Starting Adventurer
Thank you for your help and i have now applied for the whitelist and read the player guide thoroughly. do you know how long it can take to be whitelisted? and secondly is there a forum for current builds?


Builds trees by hand
Whitelist time varies, though I expect it shouldn't take too long.

As for current builds, I used to post a development blog each week all about what happened on the server the past week, but recently dropped that due to my busy schedule. However it sounds like this might be started back up again likely this weekend. Keep an eye out for that.

Though if you want to know the current builds go into the "Jobs and Projects" section on the forums. That has all the current projects posted there.