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Finished Agar and Udul


Hardcore MCME-er
How long have you been on the server?: A little over a year.
What is your current rank?: Artist
Who have you contacted to help you out with this project?: DSESGH, K1sk1BBab35, mullerl (maybe)
Have you been part in any projects before? If yes elaborate what you did: Not projects like this but I have been in charge of a few villages and a project in Osgiliath for a fortress.
Is the project on the list of available projects? Yes
In what amount of time do you think this project will get done (rough guess)? 4 weeks maybe a little more.
Agar and Udul
Project Leader: Nightfalcon14
Reserve Leader: K1sk1BBab35
Designer: DSESGH
Agar is a small town occupied by wild men, of the same kind as in the Druadan Forest. Agar is also very near to the place where the faithful landed after the fall of Numenor. Udul is also a small town farther inland. Both villages hated each other and were fierce rivals.
Agar and Udul are beautiful towns and need to be properly displayed on the server. We need to build the lands of Agar and Udul to represent this server and to get the server one step closer towards being the complete land of Middle Earth.

Example of Houses





There will be a few projects like roads and trees for adventurers to do within the project.

The first step is to create concepts for houses and the walls of the villages in Plotworld.
Next we will need to make all the terrain such as hills an rivers and once this is done start to build houses in the villages and all buildings within the villages. The last step is to put in vegetation, like grass and flowers.​
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1) if udul is farther inland like you say, why does your picture have it on the coast?
2) if they are "fierce rivals" why would there be a road?

I love that cliff you have on plotworld.
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Yeah and also we are moving Udul farther inland to the end of the small river next to it.


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Looking for help with either town? I've got a lot of extra time on my hands and I'm currently helping with your larger projects.


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I really like the house concepts, however i'm not sure about the harbors i think to see on the map; If harbor at all, probably only some shore-parallel landing docks (cf. Bywater), or none at all, as these men may well not have been intelligent/skilled enough to construct ships. But for sure no higher developped shipping techniques and such.


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Ik it is more for fishing and the such with only small rafts and and maybe a dock or two. The picture most likely won't be the exact same as what will be built. The road twists and turns because it has been forged through years of trying to find the other village and finding paths. There will be many little hunting paths that will crisscross the forest as well.


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If you guys want to help on a project, contact the project leader and ask if you can join. If any problems arise, contact the appropriate staff (drama for enforcers, style disagreements for designers). For the guys already leading projects, try to stick to yours but you can help out others if it's just small things.
(With projects I mean the open ones)


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I was reading about Agar and Udul and related lore on Tolkien Gateway when I found this... Do whatever you want with this information (perhaps already known) :p : http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Ishmalog.
The suggestion regarding the placement of Agar/Udul being close to the estuary of the Isen stems from me when i added the project to the public projects list. Neither the placement of Agar / Udul nor Ishmalog is clear, while for Agar/Udul the most likely canditates are both the estuary Region of Isen and Morthond (which are hundreds of miles apart), for Ishmalog Tolkiengateway does not state anything about ist Location, the Middle-Earth Role Play Wiki claims it was located in the Northern Ered Nimrais and later became part of Anórien and Calenardhon, Ardapedia (german) again states that ist placement was unknown. This small lore bit is really nice, didnt know about it before and thus thank you for sharing it. But i don't know whether you wanted to state that the current placement of these towns seems wrong to you now, anyway I don't think this is the case.

The reason btw why I decided Agar/Udul rather being at the Isen than at the Morthond is simply because the Morthond estuary region is already occupied with Edhellond, Dol Amroth and Langstrand. That would not hinder Agar/Udul being there, but this way we can also place something of interest in the elsewhere completely empty Region of Drúwaith Iaur.


Hardcore MCME-er
I absolutely didn't want to say the placement is wrong, I cannot understand what could have made you supposing such a thing :eek: . I was only thinking it could be a pretext to build a nice valley...