Age of Empires II & III

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One Of Us
Mar 1, 2014
United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland
Allo chaps,
Some of you may have noticed a small number of us playing Age of Empires, a large number of us have been playing AoE II HD over the past few days and a few of us have recently picked up AoE III.

Age of Empires is an RTS across several different "Ages", Age of Empires I being Ancient Times (Egypt, Rome, Babylon etc...), Age of Empires II is set in Medieval times (English, Franks, Goths, Vikings etc...) and Age of Empires III is Colonial (Britain, France, Germany Ottomans etc...).

The game has 4 resources; Gold, Wood, Stone and Food which can be collected by your villagers.
These resources are then used to construct buildings and build military units. As you play the game, you advance to new ages which unlocks new technologies.

You can buy Age of Empires II HD and Age of Empires III on Steam.

Warning, you need to Port Forward to play Mutiplayer on AoEIII, it's a little buggy as it's not been updated for modern systems, atleast the disk version hasn't.
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Aspiring Commoner
Jan 28, 2015
Man, aoe games, legend. People usually say aoe 2 was better, but for me thats aoe 3. The feels


Starting Adventurer
Mar 6, 2014
I used to make my own siege games where I build one huge castle in the center of a large map and put thousands of soldiers in there with one king. Then I'd set timers out at waypoints that would spawn the max amount of enemy troops.

Then I'd see how long I could last. The end game was set when my king dies. Sometimes I'd give my king a couple of Knights that had and insane custom health and attack levels, and I'd take him out as a last effort when I was staring to lose it.

Dang that was fun. Got the disc somewhere still I think