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Finished Aldburg Keep Contest!

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Aldburg Keep Contest
(/mv tp plotworld, /warp Keep Contest)
(or /warp Keep [your #])

Closes: December 14th
Run by: Fireinferno13


Background Lore

Aldburg means "Old Fortress", so what would it be without a proper fortress?

It is VITAL to note that this keep complex is one of the EARLIEST settlements in the Riddermark. Therefore the design should reflect such in stature and appearance. This is NOT the Golden Hall of Edoras, this is its predecessor.

The keep itself would likely be composed of multiple individual structures within close proximity to one another. Given the age of the settlement, it would like be built out of primarily stone with some wood supports. Just remember, this is a fortress/castle and not just a hall.

Key Elements

The following is a suggested list of components to be included in a complete keep design. Please note that these are suggested but not necessarily required of you if you choose to omit one or more.

The current wool layout should give a sense of what is expected, however this is simply a rough outline for your personal inspiration.

  • Great Hall
    • Long Feast Hall
      • Include Central Hearth
      • Royal Seat at End
    • Large Kitchen
    • Storerooms
  • Royal Living Quarters
    • Meeting Room
  • Passage to Dungeon (below keep)
    • This will be built after pasting
  • Courtyard
  • Servant Quarters
  • Barracks
    • Training Area
    • Archery Range (optional)
    • Arsenal/Armory
  • Forge
  • Royal Stables
  • Noble Houses (optional)
  • Walls
  • Portcullis
  • Main Tower

Rules of Engagement
  1. Teams MUST read this entire post before starting
  2. You may NOT be a part of multiple teams
  3. This is still a community, support your fellow builders and be polite/supportive
  4. This contest is SECONDARY to other projects
    • If staff ask for help, please help them. The contest can wait.


You will have 4 weeks to complete this project, until DECEMBER 14TH. The finished entries will be judged and finalists chosen to be given personal feedback.

Final judging will take place on DECEMBER 22ND, where the chosen plot will be pasted into Aldburg.

Need Help?

I will be relatively flexible in terms of lending assistance. That is, if you require an opinion or would like a segment copy/pasted/moved, I will be more than happy to help. Simply send me a request on the forums and I will let you know if it is possible and attend to it as soon as possible.

Participating Teams

Want to apply? In order to receive a plot, you must post the following form:
Team Name: ADD
Team Members: ADD

Plot 1: The Banana Hammer Has Spoken
Plot 2: Ragnorak
Plot 3: Just Gonna Try
Plot 4: One Man Team
Plot 5: Cheeky Nandos
Plot 6: Probably Not Going to Finish

Plot 7: How Hard Can It Be? [FINALIST!]
Plot 8: Ez Pz Lme Squz
Plot 9: Deluksfish [FINALIST!]
Plot 10: Lego-las2

*once assigned a plot you may start!*


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Hardcore MCME-er
Oy teams w/o a staff member on them:

If you are jelly that staff can use WE and Voxel, dont be - Just ask me either in game or on the forums and I will WE anything you like so long as you give me clear directions and a ready c/p region to select.


Hardcore MCME-er
I think I am going to cap the contest off at 10 Teams for the following reason:

One of the main concerns is that with contests, people stop participating in jobs/projects on the server. Therefore I believe capping the teams is a reasonable solution in order to encourage people to build for all of the other lovely projects.

If you realllllyyyy want to participate*, ask a current team to join after you find one that fits your style!
*I would be willing to accept one more team, not individual, at most if they message me personally on the forums with their keep plans and argue their case well
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