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Mar 4, 2014
Some where on an island called England
Hello there its me again with a newish idea. My Idea is for artist to have little projects to build small villages when they have nothing to do. Note: 1: these little side projects are second to the main projects, so if an Foreman/Designer asks you to build you better accept the job offer!!
2: There can be done by a group of artist to build small villages anywhere, this could be in Rohan, Gondor, Arnor... and so on
3: 1 Designer watches over to make sure it looks good
4: the village will be build in freebuild where artist and commoners who want to become artist can show off there skills

Now getting my notes out of the way this is the detail of my suggestions, before i start yes i know Tyran this was kinda tried before and it failed cause the villages looked horrible, i have a way to solve that.
So onto the details, A designer chooses and old village (preferably small that can be redone) and makes a concept for how it should look (making sure it fits in with the surrounding and soo on) they copy the terrain into the freebuild and makes a plan on what should be there, An artist who believes they are up to the task can ask if they could lead the village as there little side project that they can build in there own free time when there is nothing to do, other artist and commoner especially (who are applying for artist e.g Didi) can ask the lead artist to build a house and so on. Its the Lead artist job to make sure the houses are up to quality and make sure to ask the designer for feedback on the village what can be add or improved. Once the village is done it can be pasted back in and then can be checked for any derps by the lead artist.

Why Do i suggest this,
1: commoners who are applying for artist can show off there skills in building houses in Mcme (most common job artist get asked to do) which helps them for there app
2: artist who want to apply for foreman or even designer can gain experiences in leading a village (focusing mostly on there organization skills) this is something that im sure other foreman can agree is import to know how to do if you want to apply for foreman
3: Its makes Life easier in the future to revamp areas, as Designers can focus on the larger city's and leave artist to do the smaller ones efficiently
4; artist will always find something to do when designers and foreman don't have any jobs available (but as i said before these or only small side projects , if designers and foreman offer jobs you take them )

This similar to the public project idea, but on a smaller and more workable scale where Artist wont have to rely on Designers to voxel terrain so much but only to give feedback, its mainly down to the artist leader to follow the Designers concept style and layout, this mainly focuses on artist to learn to organism themselves better and to work with one another to work effectively when they have free time and improve the building skills aswell. Its in my opinion a worthy thing to try to see if it works or not.

Hope staffs will like this idea and maybe implement it. and please give your thoughts below

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Jul 31, 2016
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yeahh i know they are, this is mostly when they arnt on since most of them live in the EU except Bwot and Fuss
I live in Switzerland and although it is not part of the EU (European Union) I still think its part of the EU :p Europe, I think this could work however more thought needs to go into this plan, but nice presentation ooits.


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Mar 4, 2014
Horse ranches in Rohan anyone? Small things like ranches would be perfect for this kind of idea.


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Mar 2, 2014
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Thanks for the idea ooit!

I can see this working in some form... I'll take it up for now and look at in my head a few times to see what ideas or problems I may come up with...

What I currently am thinking about it:
  • Discipline: We can say it as often as we want that other projects have priority over such smaller things, but if an Artist is working on such a village he probably prefers keeping working on it if he's getting the hang out of it, and that's understandable. Forcing him to do something else that he does not really want to right then will not work well, he'll just leave soon or do things lousily...
  • Additional strain on Designers: Supervising, reviewing, copying and so on takes time as well, and I guess many of the not-so-many Designers don't have way too much time at their hands, or similar to the point above, would prefer doing other things. There's not like dozens of players that can't wait getting Designer, so we need to make sure those that we have can do something they like, else they'll get less active and eventually maybe turn their backs to MCME. People are here to have fun and to do what they feel like doing as far as possible. Nasty but true.
  • Rohan doesn't need more villages. The Éothéod, or Rohirrim, are traditionally nomadic, I could see some camps pop up here and there, but that they settle down in a fixed place is a rather new thing. And Rohan is a very young country compared to Gondor, and even the Shire is 3 times older than Rohan.


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Apr 22, 2014
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Rohan doesn't need more villages. The Éothéod, or Rohirrim, are traditionally nomadic, I could see some camps pop up here and there, but that they settle down in a fixed place is a rather new thing. And Rohan is a very young country compared to Gondor, and even the Shire is 3 times older than Rohan.
This is true but there were smaller homesteads here and there in rohan, or at least in the vale between the fords of Isen and Helms Gate. It was described as a rich vale with many homesteads by Théoden before the siege of Helms Deep when he sees said land being burnt by the orc hoards.