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Accepted Andrewpioneer


Aspiring Commoner
Username: Andrewpioneer

Date Joined: Mar 26 2017

Jobs: COL house ruining, Royal Town Houses, Cliff Town Houses, DA Palace rooms, Farm Building Gondor, Farm Building Moria, Field Paths, Henry's Town Houses, Pelagir Derp Patching, Ruining Moria Armory, Ceiling Building Moria, Wall Pattern Building Moria, DA Houses, Tree Building, OSGO Wall breach designing, Algodan Revamp, +40.

Interests: I enjoy working in a variety of styles across all regions of mcme, my personnal preference is a more rustic medieval style, but I am quite adaptive in what I'm able to build and detail. I have worked across the server and with the only exception, really being terrain I enjoy helping out in whatever way possible. Whether that may be adding street details, working with armorstands, ruining houses in moria or constructing new ones in DA.

Motivations: I have been a member of this server for almost two years now and in that time I have contributed to over 55 jobs as well as 15+ theme builds. I enjoy building and in my own personal opinion i'm quite good at it.Throughout my time here I have always worked to help in projects and to do my part to forward this amazing undertaking we all enjoy. However I feel that now I'm able to do more as an artist and that being an artist presents the greatest outlet for me to expand upon my contributions to this community.


Hardcore MCME-er
Does this even need a proper review... no it doesn't! Andrew I know your skills, we've talked, we've worked together on many projects, welcome finally... to the rank of Artist.