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Accepted Andrewpioneer's Foreman Application


Aspiring Commoner
Are you regularly logged on our voice communication?
I am usually logged into community voice communication events (i.e jobs, meetings, etc..).

Do you actively speak on our voice communication?
No, I rarely speak in voice communication I do now however have the means to use voice chat and will in the days to come be using it more.

Do you have any particular skills?
I am a skilled builder who is able to design, replicate and adapt most styles I encounter. I also am able to innovate while at the same time following instructions from those leading the project I'm currently aiding with. I am also when my schedule permits a dedicated builder who is interested in efficiency and quality in my builds. I'm savvy of relevant historical attributes in terms of architecture, trades, defense and daily life (too a lesser extent then the other topics listed). Further more I usually apply this knowledge when appropriate in order to maintain a standard of realism. Socially I like to think I'm agreeable and usually friendly, though more importantly able to share criticism or suggestions for improvement with new builders as well as with other older builders in freebuild.

Why are you applying for this rank?
I enjoy working on larger scale projects primarily as a secondary contribute not in charge of any designing process nor of any involving a leadership role. Recently I've enjoyed revamping my own town in Gondor and from this simple starting point I've found myself enjoying the designing process, I have greatly enjoyed being able to implement my own ideas in my work while still following the instructions from those above me in rank. I think that I would have a lot to offer in this role and I would really like to be able to try my hand in a leadership oriented position. I have for a long time enjoyed working in jobs and then later taking on more private responsibilities, I would like to continue this progression by being able to run the jobs that acted as a starting point for my time as a builder in this community.

Im sorry I dont have more examples currently, I've just gotten a new computer and I have unfortunately lost my screenshots so this is what I could find via other means.


Staff member
**Application on Watchlist**
Your foreman application is now under Watchlist, you will be contacted by the Lead Builder Assistants or the Head Builder on what you must do for your final challenges. Congratulations!
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