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Animations Badge

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Animation Badge Application Guide
There are already quite a lot animated bridges, gates and secret doors at our map. So far I made most of them. I like to create animations but I've a lot of other stuff to do. So I would like to have some more people helping with animations. This is why we decided to introduce an Animation Badge:

Which perms will be given with the Animations Badge?
The badge will give full access to all features of Animations plugin.

Will the badge be displayed in chat?
Yes similar to the other badges.

What are the requirements for applying?
Creating animations in most cases requires to use World Edit. Thus at least a limited World Edit badge is required to apply for Animations Badge.
Animations can potentially cause large scale damage to the map. This may easily happen unintentionally. Thus only applications from very reliable and careful players will be considered.

What will happen after you applied?
If we consider you for the badge we will ask you to study the Animations Plugin Manual. You will also get permission to use the Animations plugin in plotworld and you'll be assigned to a practice area. You should take a week or two to get used to the plugin. Tell me when you are done and you'll get an animation task as a final test. During your practice time you may ask questions ofc, but obviously I want some people for the animations who are able to learn quite independently.

What are the rules for creating animations?
Every single animation needs to be approved by the Designer responsible for the area before you create the animation. If there is no current project in that area you need approval of the Head Builder. Once you get the badge you will get access to a form to submit your suggestions for new animations and also access to a spreadsheet to see if your animation has been approved.
Animation names must follow this scheme: <world-name>-<project-name>-<animation-purpose> for example world-DolAmroth-PalaceOuterGate
Each animation must be documented at a forum thread which will be created giving these information: animation name, coordinates, purpose of the animation, screenshot of the animation.

Application format:
Title of this tread should be this: <Your Minecraft Username> Animation Badge Application
Your application post should contain these information (there is a template in the editor for this):
Minecraft Username : Eriol_Eandur
When did you join MCME : 19 September 2014 (Please format the date as DD Month YYYY)
What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank?: Head Developer (since 12 May 2018)
Which WE badge do you have? limited or full World Edit Badge
Why should we give the animations badge to you? Tell us about your motivation and skills.
What to you is a responsible and mature player? ...
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