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-Anniversary Events- The Pumpkin Hunt


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-=The Anniversary Pumpkin Hunt=-

These 8 pumpkins you seek to find,

shall be truly found behind

any door and in any cave

and those who venture would be brave.

To find the pale gourds fair and true

The answer to eight riddles you must pursue.

The eight rhymes you shall discover

shall be difficult beyond compare.

And when at last you have found them all

Send screenshots to @Samfries_Taranoc.

Coming this Fall!

In case this poem is too much of a riddle already, the instructions are as follows:

Use the riddles to find the 8 pumpkins hidden around the MCME map! Once you find each pumpkin, you will need to solve the anagram associated with it to complete the riddle. After you have found one, send screenshot evidence and the solved anagram to @Samfries_Taranoc on discord or the forums, and he will keep a tally. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone we think has an unfair advantage (e.g if we have helped them specifically.)

A word of warning from Sam himself:

“Some are a lot harder than others. Some involve wordplay and are quite cryptic, while others require you to think graphically, and still more involve linguistic etymologies of names. Of course, lore knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking is also a plus. I am not responsible for any mental breakdowns you have while trying to solve these.”

The hunt will start after the opening ceremony.

Good luck!



Manual Treebuilder
The riddles are:
From the docks of the land of the golden trees
walk 5 score metres to the cardinal direction
which points towards the kings of the west
that were grounded many millenia before
in their kingdoms that act as the bulwark
of defense against the Dark Lord.

In the north of the hill of hills,
The grass, down the hill, doth spill.
In a "narrow valley" on a shallow incline.
The answer to this riddle you will find.

At the origins of the hidden race
lies a location near the place
of the finding of an evil treasure
that would not bring you any pleasure.

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair
Hover through the fog and filthy air
When the hurly-burly's done.
In the blue house on the Ringlo's shore.

From Amroth's Harbour to The Untamed Town
And From the city by the estuary to the tower of Aduial
Where the ley-lines meet, lies the treasure.

At the stronghold of that person
the Ferocious Robber Emperor Called Aaron
the last bastion of his reign
in the land that is not of Sûza's realm.

In the untamed land of the next few weeks
In a mine so very very deep
Lies an unknown hidden place
That's hard to discover but I'm not too mean.
It will, like mithril, gleam.

To the west
of the land
of the weed,
Lies the end
of the deed
that was won
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