Anno 1404

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Builds Diagonally
Media Team
Mar 12, 2016
The glorious Kingdom of the Netherlands
Dutch, English, French, German
I have played Anno 1404 (in North-America aka Dawn of Discovery) for over four years. It is an PC-game where you can control islands; so you must build villages; towns; and even cities on your islands; you must gain raw materials and work them into the finest cloths; you must trade your specialities for the specialities of your neighbours and you must defend your islands against corsairs. The game is quite old (I think now almost ten years old), but you are able to turn the graphics so HQ, that they are finer than many new games. Of course -as the name tells you- the game takes place in the year 1404 in Europe and in the Oriënt. The models in the game are splendid. The models for the Occintal cities and farms we might use as examples for the buildings in MCME and the Oriëntal houses or farms are quite useful for Harad (?). In the map there is also one Corsair Island, which could be again an example for the city of Umbar. I know that the buildings are from this world and not really designed for Middle-earth, but still. Here is a link for all the models of ships, houses, castles, farms and what not: Buildings. Sorry if this thread looks like advertising; I am just trying to give some inspiration to you. Here is another link ofr an imgur-album with 56 beautiful, useful screenshots: .