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Annuminas #2k14
no warp yet

Project Leader: Wollip666
Reserve Leader: Jacenpeter
Project Staff:

Background Lore:
Annúminas was once the capital city of the Kingdom of Arnor. It was located in the land of Evendim ("evening twilight") along the southern shores of Nenuial (also known as Lake Evendim), the origin of the Brandywine River. The city was home to the Kings of Arnor and was founded by High King Elendil himself. It was the first capital of the chief Palantír of the North.

The city survived for nearly a thousand years, but eventually it declined in population, the Kings of Arnor moved the capital to Fornost Erain sometime before the end of the Second Age, and eventually Annúminas was abandoned. By the end of the Third Age Annúminas had lain in ruins for more than 2,000 years. After the War of the Ring, early in the Fourth Age, Elessar (Aragorn) refounded the city and made it his northern capital. The king would often spend his time at Annúminas and meet his friends there.


1. Organise Project post (Done)
2. Layout terrain and city. (Done)
3. Terraforming and terrain work (In progress)
4. Concept builds (In Progress)
5. Build the damned thing. (In Progress)
6. Final touches. (On hold)

To do List:

1: Terrain and Planning.
1.1 - Drain Lake (Done)
1.2 - Voxel in mountains and Island (Done)
1.3 Finish up terrain (Done)

2: Concepts and buidling
2.1 - Map out city (Done)
2.2 - develop building styles etc (Done)
2.3 - Concepts (Adventurer+) (Done)
2.4 - finalize concepts and start building city (Adventurer +) (Done)
2.5 - Section 1 (In Progress)
2.6 - Section 2 (In Progress)
2.7 - Section 3 (In Progress)
2.8 - Section 4 (In Progress)
2.9 - Section 5 (On Hold)
3.0 - Ruin the City (On Hold)

3: Finishing touches
3.1 - Flood lake and appropriate parts of the city (on hold)
3.2 - Scout for imperfections and fix them (on hold)
3.3 - Finish up surrounding area (on hold)
3.4 - Party harder than Fireinferno (on hold)

We are hoping to keep in the theme and essence of the orignal Annuminas 'cause it was everyones favourite city to walk through as a droog/thrall. We hope we can replicate the nostalgia but also throwing in some major improvement to the buildings and terrain.


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You posted this on August 12? How didn't I notice?

You need to change the Thrall+ to Adventurer+.

If you want to party harder than fire, you need to first take it off hold, and second, you need to build a place to party.:p


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Just note that during the actual progress of the build, we will be having a sausage sizzle thanks to the guys at the Rotary. As Bree originally had an ikea, there will be a local Bunnings Warehouse where everyone can purchase DIY goods at the lowest prices and bargains. The local BW artists will be able to assist you with your general enquiries.



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Speedy Stop Inc. purchased the old Bree Ikea and is looking to expand into new territories. Our Shire expansion has been successful, and the demographics of Annuminas look promising, be on the lookout for new Speedy Stop One Stop Shop expansions comjng soon!
I will find all your new shops :p
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