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Anorien Project thread


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:|: Anorien Main Project :|:
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Project Leader: @Oberanio
Co-Leader: @Patrick_0901
Project Staff: @Lindolas , @barteldvn
Announcements Thread

Overall Progress and State

Approximate Overall Progress Percentage: 15%
Current Progress State: Building

Project Discussion Thread
The thread to discuss in general the project, comment on any updates or any other non-announcement topic.

Anorien Planning Post

Anorien was a region and fiefdom of Gondor.
Background lore
Anórien lay north of the line of the White Mountains, and formed a narrow strip of land consisting of the valleys of the White Mountains, and its borders were the Mering Stream in the west, and the Mouths of the Entwash in the north. Its eastern border was the border of Gondor at the Anduin.

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Anorien as a project will be a sub project, which means it has no priority on our server, but will be worked on by some members interested in getting it done.
As you all might well know Anorien is a revamp project. There already was an Anorien before this time and we as staff chose to revamp the area.
I hope in this thread the community will be shown what our plans are for this. And what the eventual design will look like.
The idea on how we will be doing this is simple we will devide up the land in 5 sections, these 5 section will be claimed by several project staff on the project and they will
finish this area, by planning i


Sector 1:
# Dol Caranthan, Leader: Patrick_0901

Sector 2:
# Middleland Anorien, Leader: Oberanio

Sector 3:
# Near Gondor Leader: TBD

Sector 4:
# Middleland Anorien Leader: TBD

Sector 5:
#Near Rohan, Leader: Lindolas

The Art and Inspiration will be done within each sub-project and each section will have a staff project thread and a public thread. Each subproject will have a leader, co-leader and multiple involved staff. There will be a lot of droog jobs, plotbuilds and Build Days we can run within this project.

Every well-known location should have a public plan done before its starting!
More in Depth Information:

Soon to come

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Based on the lore document for anorien the houses are supposed to be in the gondor style with influences of rohan. Based on this we made a stone mix (that would easily be gathered from quarries in the white mountains) and wooden 2nd floors/house additions) for that rohan influence as no other rohan element would really fit.

Also i am planning for a build day in Sector 1: Dol Caranthan, details for this will follow soon.
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Halifirien revamp

The current terrain of Firien Wood and especially the beacon hill of Halifirien is very different from the Tolkien's descriptions.
Unfinished Tales - Cirion and Eorl said:
The Halifirien was the highest of the beacons, and like Eilenach, the next in height, appeared to stand
up alone out of a great wood; for behind it there was a deep cleft, the dark Firien-dale, in the long
northward spur of Ered Nimrais, of which it was the highest point. Out of the cleft it rose like a sheer
wall, but its outer slopes, especially northwards, were long and nowhere steep, and trees grew upon them
almost to its summit. As they descended the trees became ever more dense, especially along the Mering
Stream (which rose in the cleft) and northwards out into the plain through which the Stream flowed into
the Entwash. The great West Road passed through a long cutting in the wood, to avoid the wet land
beyond its northern eaves; but this road had been made in ancient days, 32 and after the departure of
Isildur no tree was ever felled in the Firien Wood, except only by the Beacon-wardens whose task it was
to keep open the great road and the path towards the summit of the hill. This path turned from the Road
near to its entrance into the Wood, and wound its way up to the end of the trees, beyond which there was
an ancient stairway of stone leading to the Beacon-site, a wide circle levelled by those who had made the
stair. The Beacon-wardens were the only inhabitants of the Wood, save wild beasts; they housed in lodges
in the trees near the summit
Then Cirion led Eorl into the trees and the others followed in order; and after they had passed the first of
the inner stones their voices were stilled and they walked warily as if unwilling to make any sound. So
they came at last to the upper slopes of the Hill and passed through a belt of white birches and saw the
stone stair going up to the summit. After the shadow of the Wood the sun seemed hot and bright, for it was
the month of Úrimë; yet the crown of the Hill was green, as if the year were still in Lótessë.
At the foot of the stair there was a small shelf or cove made in the hillside with low turf-banks. There the
company sat for a while, until Cirion rose and from his esquire took the white wand of office and the
white mantle of the Stewards of Gondor. Then standing on the first step of the stair he broke the silence,
saying in a low but clear voice:
"I will now declare what I have resolved, with the authority of the Stewards of the Kings, to offer to Eorl
son of Léod, Lord of the Éothéod, in recognition of the valour of his people and of the help beyond hope
that he brought to Gondor in time of dire need. To Eorl I will give in free gift all the great land of
Calenardhon from Anduin to Isen.
Terrain Plan:
I'm going to move the Mering Stream to the North-west and the beacon hill to the North. I will create the Firien-dale between the beacon hill and the White Mountains and make the northern hillsides "long and nowhere steep".

Detail Plan:
I will also create the small shelf and the stairs up to the green hilltop where Cirion suggests to Eorl to live in Rohan.
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