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Any Germans here for a record?


Starting Adventurer
Hey guys, we started this year with our german Middle Earth podcast (Antenne Wetterspitze) and we would like to record an episode about your great work. Is there any german speaker here (since a longer time) who is interested to talk a bit about the project?

If there is someone who is just talking english but is interested as well, we could talk about an english episode.

Thank you :)


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Builder
Media Team
There are more germans around than you might think :D! The ones I could recommend are myself (Admin starting May 2019), @Eriol_Eandur (Current Head Developer and long-time community member (like really long time :p)) and @DoctorDaom (Designer and Staff member). Maybe a bit more information about your project (links to former podcasts, recording times etc.) would help convince some of us.

Nowadays a lot of the fast-paced communication is going on Discord so if you use that communication medium you can contact me at TotiGonzales#8576.