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Yellow Flower Puncher
Joined the server around the end of January.
I've been involved in multiple jobs inside Moria such as building storage halls in the chamber of light, working on various ruining jobs in Moria and also had the chance to build a house in Moria and also vineyard paths in Gondor Here are screenshots jobs I've been involved in around the server:
2017-03-12_00.43.55.png 2017-03-13_19.41.27.png 2017-03-14_19.15.26.png 2017-03-21_01.42.58.png 2017-03-14_21.07.53.png 2017-03-21_00.23.24.png 2017-03-24_17.58.40.png
Themed builds:
2017-03-09_23.56.35.png 2017-03-23_23.53.27.png 2017-03-23_23.54.00.png 2017-03-09_23.53.54.png

As for styles, I am a big fan of the natural beauty of The Shire and similar places with various farmland, I find designing natural and rural architecture to be my most enjoyable work. I also love the Mediterranean style of southern Gondor and the colourful building present there. On my creative files I love to design Italian villas and anything that hints at rustic living. I've chosen to apply for artist as I have a great passion to help craft this beautiful world and would love to share my skills in the development of Gondor and Moria and the server in general.


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hon. Head Designer
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Hey Apes4Days and thank you for your application!

You have a very good eye for nice shapes, I like the swan ship very much! Also the shapes in your Noirinan TB are very good, you definitely know how to build a nice house exterior! Have you added any interior to your Noirinan TB?

In that same TB you used dark gray bricks and light gray bricks next to each other. That's a bit an unfortunate combination that often looks rather strange; it doesn't look like two different materials, but much rather like the two block types are lighted differently, which of course is not very likely to happen just like that. Check out some of the cities and villages around the server and study a bit what combinations were used, and which combinations weren't!

I would like to see some more work of you, especially a little "presentation" of what you can come up with for nice interior ideas and designs would be nice!

~ Finrod