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Canceled application for artist from Edwinvelt

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i really like to help building the middle earth because i really like LOTR and The Hobbit.
the date i joined was the 19th of februari and i liked it already when i spawned.
i builded one thing and that is amon hen

coördinates: 1110,5,30020
Your interests:
i like to build like elven and dwarven buildings because those are very nice and artistic styles.
Your motivation:
i am applying for a artist because its important that there is a Middle earth themed map and the server means pretty much to me because its a place for people with the same goal to get together and talk about stuff, you can learn from other people to and it brings up memories


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Please participate in more theme builds and jobs to make a more thorough application. Do this by asking Foremen+ if they have any work for you. If they don't, work on Theme Builds because they are very helpful in our evaluation process. Add more pictures as the one that you posted does not provide sufficient information on the build. Also, you can post things that you have built in single player even if they are unrelated to Middle Earth. You can also use fonts and colors to enhance your application's look to make it easier to read. Fixing these things will improve your application and make BWOT and Finrod happy.;)


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey Edwinvelt

If I understand correctly u just joined today, u allready made one themebuild and are now applying for artist. It is very pleasing to see this kind of enthousiasm.
But, I'd recomend u to check out the server a little bit more, make some more themebuilds (or try to improve the one u allready made) and participate in jobs, this will probably also cause players (artist+) to vote for u which will give u the commoner rank to show that u are an active and trusted player.
Best of luck.



Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application Edvinvelt!

I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Matthew and Merlin already gave you some very important tips.
We expect our Artists to have very good building. Looking at the picture of your Themed-build I believe you will have a bit of work to improve yours until they match our Artist standard. But don't worry we will help you with tipps and feedback (I for example had no idea about building when I joined ;)). A very good way to learn building in the MCME style are jobs. So try to get some as Merling suggested.
So here is my feedback about our Seat of Seeing Themed-build:
  • It is too small! It's easier to build larger as you can add more details then.
  • Don't use only one kind of blocks (cobblestone) for a path, mix in some other materials like colored cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, dirt, gravel... (not all of them, choose 2-3)
  • Don't forget realism. Your slender pillars seem a bit too fragile to support the heavy stone platform and seat above.
  • Fill the your entire plot with a lot of details and make some more pictures to show us everything. Details are most important for an interesting build. Don't neglect the surroundings. You could make some nice trees, bushes and other vegetation, rocks, cliffs and a lot of more.
Don't hesitate to ask for help or feedback.
Good Luck


Hey evdin!
As eriol said perfectly about the theme build I think you should give yourself some more time on the server, commoner rank is not needed but it definitely helps and time is the best so you can really understand our styles and our way of work, it's great your enthusiastic but take it down a notch for your sake ;)
Don't take it in the wrong way it's always nice to see someone who is wanting and happy to join the team but give yourself time to settle into the server when you right away rush into a rank it shows a rushing trade in you which I think isn't very good but up to you

About your builds as many said you should do 2 theme builds and many jobs before you apply, focus on the important things such as asking yourself the following questions
"Does this make sense? Would this work? Do other people like it? Is this realistic? Is this build good enough for the standards of those who are incharge of me?" And many more of the sort I hope to see you in the right time on the team and good luck and if you need help or have questions make sure to ask and figure out what you need to know!

- didi45


Hardcore MCME-er
Please update your application or the Artist Committee will not consider your application until we see an update and improvement to what was previously said by one of our artists/foreman/designers.


Hardcore MCME-er
This application has been denied due to no update or improvement to what was previously said by one of our designers. Please contact me directly if you feel you want to pursue this again.
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