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Canceled Artale


Experienced Member
Minecraft Username : Artale
Date Joined : 29th june 2014
Country: Italy

Are you regularly logged on Teamspeak?
Yes, if you mean Discord, I could use Ts though
Do you actively speak on Teamspeak?
Yes, if needed
Do you have any particular skills?
Foreman rank needs mainly 2 things: decent building skills and good communication and social skills in order to give clear instructions. Honestly I'm not the best builder on the server, but I'm good enough to follow Designers's instructions and I have learnt how to build foundamental things like houses, trees, roads , bushes. Regarding communication skills, I have been a Guide for nearly 2 years. This experience has given me the chance to improve my english skills , to talk in an understendable way and give clear instructions and informations.
Why are you applying for this rank?
I'm applying for this rank for a few very simple reasons, I have always liked the social aspects of the server, and I have wanted to do more for the community. I remember the importance of foremen before the build mods merge and I liked how they used to get all the community expecially thralls and commoners involved into builds. Furthermore I got interested into building lately. To be honest I know I have been a bit inactive, but I have more free time to spend on the server now and I can use my computer again. Therefore I'm sure foreman is the best way to do my best on MCME.
Some screenshots or pictures of your build attached:
Just some builds: Foreman App

Thank you for reading