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Canceled Artist App- mhuzz_1


Starting Adventurer
Date joined:
I have played on the server from 8/12/16.

I haven't participated in any jobs due to only joining the server recently, but I am on the lookout for some.


(my PMC)

(First Theme Build: Two Trees of Valinor)

(Random Builds From my Screenshots Folder)

I am probably most interested in building Dwarven/Elven styles, but to be honest I like building in any style. Outside of middle earth I mainly choose to build in a fantasy or medieval style.

My Motivation:
I have loved Lord of the Rings since I was a little kid, and seeing what this server has managed to create makes me want to help out in any way. (And come on. Who doesn't want to help make Erebor?)


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Hey mhuzz!

I apologize for not reviewing your app any earlier, unfortunately I am always rather busy in the time approaching christmas.

Those are some really really nice builds you got there! Building-skills wise I think you definitely got what it takes to be a very good Artist; however, and forgive me on that, I'd like to get to know you a bit before I promote you; have a quick chat and just meet you ingame for once at least! I'll be rather active the following two weeks, so chances should be good we can meet at some point! Don't get me wrong, I just want to know the people I promote a little bit!

Thanks for the application and have an enjoyable christmas!
~ Finrod