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Canceled Artist application by schartra


Aspiring Commoner
Hello there, my name is schartra or mat what you want, I’m a french player who want to plays in your awesome server, I’m 16 years old.
Officialy, I don't remember when I joined this server but I remember 1 thing , I begins to play ~20 august 2018.
I think my bad English could be a problem but I can follow the orders and I speak and understand English well.
LaMoria inspired me and the atmosphere is very cool and I like it!
Your staff team, foreman team, artist team … encouraging me to help you and your awesome work and recreate the Middle Earth in Minecraft.
So I would to become an Artist.


⬆You can see right here my Erebor door in the freebuild world.
You can check the building at the coordinates:
x:2506 y:18 z:37646
I build this in one day.


⬆You can see right here my version of the Temple of Petra in Jordania.
I’ve build it in my survival world.


⬆You can see right here a design of a palace for my survival world.
It’s a little bit big I think but he looks pretty I think.
My project is to build a very great city in the desert.


⬆You can see right here my version of a little part of the mines of Moria.


⬆And here, you can see a dwarf foundry and stocking piles (not finished).


⬆You can see here a city in the mountains built in survival mode inspired of Minas Tirith with the levels and the high.

⬆That’s what you see when you enter in the city.
My project was to build a great city in mountains.


⬆This is a small medieval house for 3 people, build in survival mode.

⬆You can here 3 houses updated while the Osgiliath vegetation update ( updated by me )




⬆Also, you can see anothers insides of houses in Osgiliath vegetation update .(updated by me)





⬆This is an outpost of gondor for check if the mordor armies comes in Ithilian. You can see it at the coordniates -946 4 -2366 in the free build world !
(use /rp g )


⬆Finally, this is my first building in the modern architecture, my project is to build a modern city in survival mode.

⬆ I've work 2 times at the AndrewSewerJob , i'm very effective and then, i've made it very quickly.






⬆ This is my design of The Gondorian Farms Theme Build , i've made it in 2 days, you can find it in the themed-builds world at the coordinates :
x: -1131 y: 15 z: 38017.

And also I've participated at the Osgiliath vegetation update, it was with oostibirdo, oberanio, bartdelvn, and more, participated at Moria builds with Andrewpioneer, Oberanio . I've meet many guys and my real motivation to build and create awesome things for you and for the server ! And yet, I participate at the Moria construction .

Well, I think you loved it, but I haved some problems about world corruption and I have lost many designs of buildings in my creative world.
So I think I will be a good artist with my team mind and I will not disappoint you, I think I haven’t made many things but the important is my motivation.
So see you later on the server :)

You can join me on discord. :)
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Hardcore MCME-er
oouh, c'est la première fois que j'inspire quelqu'un !
J'aime bien ton temple de petra, mais il manque de contraste, car il se confond un peu avec la montagne, mais difficile avec le rp vanilla.
Après il faut que t'apprennes à mettre moins de détail en profondeur, et plus dans la variations des materiaux. Ça rejoint le point précédent. Ton muraille gagnerait à être plus plat mais en ayant de la roche basique, des pierres taillées, moussues... , comme dans la vraie vie.
Bonne chance pour la suite !

Translation for those who are on the other side of the FRENCH channel (aswell as the minority who doesn't speak French) :
woooo, it's the first time I inspire someone !
I like your petra temple, but it lacks of constrast, as it can be mistaken with the mountain, but building in vanilla rps.
You need to learn how to have less depth and more variety in the blocks, this is linked with the precedent point. Your rempart would be better if flatter, but with stone, stone bricks, mossy stone ... , as it is in real life.
Good luck with your application !


Aspiring Commoner
Merci pour ce petit commentaire ,effectivement il manque de contraste mais ces constructions datent mais j'ai changé de style.

Thanks for this comment, effectively t's missing a few of constrast but these builds are dating, i've change my construction style.


Staff member
Hello schartra and thank you for your application!

I recommend that you find an area to build in freebuild, many of your builds are in vanilla minecraft but its important to see that you can build well with our resource packs and style. Feel free to contact me in-game and I would gladly help you out to get started on something

-btw I really like your version of Petra!


Hardcore MCME-er
Official Update on Status
**Application Reviewed**
Your application has been reviewed for the first time by Official Staff.
*I wouldn't worry about the language barrier, you will eventually learn as you work with us and for the time being cna easily use Google Translate for the main things!

Job and Plotbuild
Those are two good jobs you listed, would like to see Screenshots.

I your Edoras entrance could be greatly approved by having less contrasting materials, so instead of stone behind those green deco swirls, have another green or complementing texture. The ice in my opinion is out of place and should be removed. Your bridge is also too underdetialed and basic. I think it could actuall be smaller in size, but more detailed and concentrated and it would fit a lot better!

Pretty basic, pretty vanilla. In my opinion those need a lot of work to become artist standard, however don't be discouraged, we will help you out where we can and get you to where you want in no time if you put in the work.

*Discord DM Contacted: Awaiting Friend Request* Please check your Discord


Just keep working on it! I think if you spend some time with the custom rp your buildings will improve and you will be closer to becomming artist! Keep it up!


Hardcore MCME-er
Official Update on Status
**Application Canceled**
This application has been canceled for being too inactive. Contact me on discord or forums, to re-open it!