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Artist application for Kjolsen



My name is Magnus Kjølstad Olsen, or Kjolsen, as my nickname in Minecraft is.
Im 15 years old (turn 16 this year), and live in Elverum, which is a small town in Norway.

I joined this server, maybe in march/april, in 2015. I do not remember the exact date. However, i have been on the server, now and then, since march 2015. In the last months, since around november 2015, i have been on maybe every week. I really enjoy the server, just because i can do adventures, or just get inspiration for my works. I really do like to participate in jobs, because then i get to do something and be a part of something i love so much. Its really cool, that something that i have built is in this incredible server.

I was, a long time ago, a very active builder. I have always been creative. In my speartime for example, i do like to paint (often abstract), or draw. I do also play the piano very seriously, if that counts. And, for high school, i have applied for the "Art, Design and Architecture" line. So, i want to be an architect when im finished with school! :)

Something, that is quite regrettable, is that i have, several times, recovered my computers and gotten new ones. So, my builds and screenshots have been lost. However, i have some screenshots from buildings i have built.

Here are some:

This is a Cathedral i built as a spawn for my friend, however, i think it turned out pretty good.

- Gyazo - c21413cea887c4f147825b90f22a2eef.jpg

- Gyazo - ca94bc1f26c04b4379c914eaf396bace.jpg

- Gyazo - 759c63fc0a4dc113ee2d9bfb5544623f.jpg

- Gyazo - 1b7ec6f5834de356cbcea158a31d684a.jpg

- Gyazo - aaee203cfead96cb8180554c094c9a13.jpg

This is a town i started on in a singeplayer world. I wanted to build something just by hand, without WE and so on. But ofc. i lost my motivation quite fast! :p
In this world, i used Gondorian RP, and i built in a Gondorian style!

- Gyazo - 9ca6c11b8be5d1da95d31a646f9a70ef.jpg

- Gyazo - dc1ac9e903562a5e5b01b9ddc8a856f7.jpg

Here i built a Stavechurch (Nordic, Norwegian style). A Stavechurch is an old church, often from the time when the Vikings lived, and the roof is quite high, and divided in several levels. (It is the only picture i have from it, since i somehow deleted the others)

- Gyazo - 52e131ebd9e52f96fab2f55783eab2f1.jpg

Here i was participating in a job, where we destroyed and detailed some of the walls of Fornost!

- Gyazo - 5a049b08389f23c01fb30be3341453ba.jpg

Here is some of my theme builds. This is what i build for the "Rhosgobel" theme.

- Gyazo - 2849013734306f0bd5d5c1b9cd789950.jpg

- Gyazo - fd73c55df32abb0f49c9f1a5ba574143.jpg

- Gyazo - aba157d0695216ce00ad288c19f2df45.jpg

- Gyazo - da1b313d6a439462e81710dfb8efa611.jpg

- Gyazo - 84c0cff9143da5ce6490dd598e7a1639.jpg

- Gyazo - c94ca5f59a6c3efa182879a10b982c6d.jpg

- Gyazo - 9c2aa9a9565b21a4dc0fa2c436d2467d.jpg

- Gyazo - 2d1823052763264b2ad6142ff530da00.jpg

- Gyazo - b2194d19c7e1590bf2c498422cae6db7.jpg

- Gyazo - 03e6118429ae2eeeac794901470ed2f3.jpg

- Gyazo - e3c02c076bc23c89e884e4783247fc66.jpg

- Gyazo - b3f576eab337d1e580dd4b9d0c3fd0d1.jpg

- Gyazo - c908b26a9aa6e9f2e3b5ec979869ce43.jpg

- Gyazo - d9ece049e8ffd988b71319bb93d571cc.jpg


Of course, i have been not only participating in one, but several (many) jobs. Everything from building roads, to rivers and streams. Destroying walls, to building rocks in the forest. And it have been a pleasure to participate in something that i'm really passionate about!


My favourite style, from LotR, is the Gondorian style. I really like the shapes on the buildings, and all the details and roofs. And the colors of course, the colors!

My second is dwarven. I like the rough and thick style under the mountain. Everything is just so huge, and that - i like!

Beside LotR related buildingstyles, i really like the middle-ages (which is quite similar to LotR style though). And i really like the architecture in the 1700s, and the gothic style. The cathedral i built, for example, is in a style between gothic and 1700s.


My motivation for participating in MCME i have already told you about. Or at least something. However, i really do love Lord of The Rings. I'm daydreaming, every day, when i enter the MCME-server, play my LOTR-favourites playlist on Spotify, and put up the LOTR-Wiki site on my browser (so i can search for towns, cities, and places i didnt know much about). And, just be a part of it, is a dream coming true for me.

And im having such alot of fun when im chatting with people on the server, who is as much as interested in this as i am. I'm having such alot of fun when im joining these jobs, and get to do something on the server as well. Or when we're having fun, with games or just joking alot around.


"So, we come to it at last" - Gandalf

I really hope i'm getting the chance of getting promoted to an artist. To show my experiences and what im good for. Show my skills! Because, some skills, there are. You can find skills in anyone, and everywhere.

Thanks for you attention!


Magnus Kjølstad Olsen

Elverum, Norway.



Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application! I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

I'm not at home at the moment, I will give some feedback on your themed build on Wednesday when I am back.

Aside from themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<< as you already did. Try to stay very active with jobs. When you finished a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.


I will take this over from Eriol, so you get your Feedback earlier.

Firstly, you might want to upload your pictures to imgur.com, by doing that you can link a folder with all your Pictures in it. It's much easier to get a quick look on your Pictures then.

Let's get to the imporant part, your Structures.
And well, they look pretty good, especialy your terrain, and vegetation looks decent.
What you might want to look into tho is variation in blocks. In the Rhosgobel build, you have a wall made completly out of cobbelstone. You could add some materials with similar textures there, to get a bit of variation.
Also the Interior could need a bit more love. Use more Blocks, make Chairs, Chests and cabinets. Don't rely on Paintings so heavily. You can use them as an Extra, not for most of the Interior.

Besides that not much to Improve!

Generally I would call your Builds almost Artist, if not Artist level, just keep working and participating in Jobs, and you will eventually earn the Artist Rank.

Cheers Luk