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Canceled Artist Application for QueenUppsala

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  • Date: Start date was around Mar 2018 when I got a very awesome tour by Doc-Squid :)
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: I worked with Henry on his Trial Foreman Job. I built a house and did some interiors and a pond/seating area.
  • Themed-builds: Forsaken Inn -147, 5, 31274 My idea for this was to make it habitable but rundown and broken in places. I have a secret exit out back for a quick escape through the foothills nearby.
  • upload_2018-4-20_22-16-29.png
  • upload_2018-4-20_22-16-34.png
  • upload_2018-4-20_22-16-41.png
  • upload_2018-4-20_22-16-54.png

  • upload_2018-4-20_22-16-59.png

  • Additional Builds: Not able to do much else yet. I have my own builds below is a layout I am working on for a medieval sea town.
  • upload_2018-4-20_22-17-5.png
  • upload_2018-4-20_22-19-13.png

  • Your interests: I like building just about anything, I usually google some reference images to use as a guide. I like old world towns and houses.
  • Your motivation:I love re-creating old looking areas, the details and getting them all right. i would love to be involved in a larger build with a team as I haven't done this before, but it looks like some fun satisfying hard work and I like to get inspired off other artists. I am also pretty helpful so will tuck into most any job as asked.


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Hey Queen,

Thanks for your app, I visited your build and I think its better to generalize on certain points here then leave small comments there (like I did for other people):

I guess it could be very possible for the terrain to look as you made it, stony, and almost desert like, however this is really not the way I vision any part of Eriador at all, and using the same stone variation looks quite boring and bland, also this terrain you made is in some awkward shapes. Your small stream is good though.

Your trees need a lot of work, I know you are trying to get that imagery of thin and small but the results are a bit derpy, I would visit /warp stctemp to learn more.

Your building to me doesn't fit into the more quaint and medieval look I envision for most of Eriador. Maybe adding another story to one part and adding another shape to the base, would make the rectangle/flat structure you have now a lot more interesting. The stables themselves in my opinion, are wrong shape.

Your structure inside needs more support, even though it's broken and run down, the support should still be there or the whole roof collapses.

If you could also upload these pictures for your application to an imgur link Imgur as its looks much nicer.


Hardcore MCME-er
This application has been denied due to no update or improvement to what was previously said by one of our designers. Please contact me directly if you feel you want to pursue this again.
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