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Canceled Artist Application for Smooboonie

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Starting Adventurer
Date of Joining Server: Mid-Feburary, 2018

List of Jobs and Plotbuilds:
  • Upper-Class House in Dol Amorath with Merlinc01
  • Wheat Fields of Dol Amorath with QuantaCube

Additional Builds: Untitled — Tavern

Interests: Gondor buildings, Taverns and Bars

Motivation: This is such an amazing community and I really want to be a bigger part of it. I want to contribute more to Dol Amroth as well as work on Mordor and Black Gate in the future.

More Updates in the Future.
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Hey @Smooboonie
Thanks for your application!
Let's start out simple I think you can agree with me that the ent tree theme build isn't very much I'd recommend really spicing up the terrain and as it is perticapate in another theme build (for anyone who wants to become artist)
I'd suggest get commoner (if your not already since you didn't mention it) since it shows that your trusted due to your help in jobs all around
Join other jobs, since that is what artist is about, jobs jobs jobs just with no one watching you from above!
Lastly for any build you make you should ask your self these questions "does this make sense? Would this work? Does this look nice to others and not only me? Is this realistic? Is this up to the standards?" And many more!
I'm very excited to see what you have to bring so good luck and be sure to ask for opinions when your not sure and don't be shy for getting help!
Your motivation and interests are really good and that is what will make you an excellent artist! But don't forget to try out more styles (elven,dwarf etc) hope to see alot from you in the near future good luck!

~ didi45


Hardcore MCME-er
Please update your application or the Artist Committee will not consider your application until we see an update and improvement to what was previously said by one of our artists.


Hardcore MCME-er
This application has been denied due to no update or improvement to what was previously said by one of our designers. Please contact me directly if you feel you want to pursue this again.
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