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Accepted Artist application Patrick_0901


Staff member
I joined the server about two weeks ago, i had heard of this server before but now im beginning to participate in builds and jobs,
I already did some houses on lamedon village and participated in some jobs organised by mr.smith, like roads, mines and tree fixing in the woods.
I have made some screenshots of my recent builds, you can find them on the media page of the site,
i have participated in a themed build, the bridge of tharbad, that screenshot you will also find on the media page, my interest on the server is manly building in dwarven or any other style, only elves i dont like that much, off the server i manly build in medieval styles and sometimes roman, i have also build on westeroscraft for a short period.
Im applying for artist because i like the server and want to participate to build the awesome world of middle earth.
And i really would like to help in moria most off all :D

greetings Patrick_0901


Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Head Developer
Thank you for your application!

I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

We already talked about your Tharbad bridge ingame, very nice build. Just some details again:
  • Try to make (at least the walls of the larger buildings) less flat (double walls).
  • Also interiors are very important.
When you are finshed (you can still work there after next themed build started), please post some more screenshots, to show your finished build with some more details. When you do, please also reply to this thread. Just say "update" and quickly explain what is new. It will bring your application on top of the long application list and will make us notice your update.

Aside from themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<.


Hardcore MCME-er
Also, for the sake of those reviewing your application, make sure to post links to your media within this thread. It saves us the trouble of looking for the pics. ;)


Staff member
I have now worked a bit more on my themed build: the changes are: i have added more detail to all the walls, i have done the interiors of the houses and i have added some landscape, also i have build almost 4 detailed corridors for the moria crew, the new screenshots of my buils can be found in the following link: http://www.mcmiddleearth.com/media/albums/my-builds.157/.

Gr Patrick_0901


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thanks for your Update!

I have good news for you: I have decided to grant you a promotion! Your build is very nice, especially that you did not only build the bridge but also the surroundings! I have also asked the other Designers whether they've experienced you already and they returned a very positive feedback!

Still I'd like to point out a few things in your build that hopefully might help you as Artist, regarding material choice:
  • Choosing a lot of different materials is a very bold thing to do, because if you use too many different ones it soon starts to look chaotic, and thats what happened a bit in your build. Different roof types is good, but also using all sorts of wooden materials also (various log and plank types) is a bit too much. It's hard to formulate a general rule what is too much and what is not, but it mainly depends on which textures you combine, some combinations simply look better than other. I suggest you check out the village at /warp Villagelamedon for a good example of a combination of many different textures which does work out fairly well.
  • Don't use blocks that still have default textures (Coarse Dirt, Hoppers). On one hand they usually dont combine very well with MCME textures and on the other hand there is a good chance that they eventually will get a custom texture and then potentially will look entirely different.
Other than that: Congratulations, well deserved! Please make sure to check out the Artist Manual if you have not done so already: Artist Manual

~ Finrod