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In Progress Artist Application


Slab Fanatic
Before I start with this, I know I was artist like three weeks ago or something, but I was super busy at that time and had stuff with school unlike I am now. So now i'm reapplying :p.

Date Joined: April 11, 2018
Jobs and Plotbuilds:
These are most of the jobs I can remember. Two houses in Moria's Central Dwelling with NicTheFifth, Four houses in Moria's Second Dwelling with Nic, One house in Moria's Waterworks with Nic, The final vegetation job in Tofalas with ooits I believe but Ruben lead it mostly. Some pillars in Moria with Nic, Road upgrading with Bart, Some farm walls with Hendrick and then Bart a different time, Farms and vegetation in Nic's Rohan town that he is upgrading with Nic, and Moria Hall ruining with Mr_Pants. Moria hall ruining with Ant, and a few stream jobs in Belfalas with Pants. There are a few more that I can't remember the details of the jobs.
Theme-builds: To be honest nothing has changed here from my last artist application... So my one and only theme-build is: Watchtower, 176,5,33365,
Additional Builds: I have a few other builds but do not have any pictures of them at this time. They are as follows: A hall in Moria (Not the best as it was my first), a viking style house in freebuild, and a farm in coldlake with Driffen that I helped with. I most likely have more but I can't remember and I was trying to keep it on this server more.
My Interests: My interests on the server are most likely the styles of Moria and Rohan. Also I'm interested in the upcoming Mordor which will have some really interesting styles to learn. Finally, I am interested in vegetation (minus trees of course :D) and farms on the server.
My Motivation: My motivation on building on the server is the different styles of building, and the amazing building team that are mostly supportive and helpful to other members of the community.


I am not sure you need to do an application as you were an artist and you were not fired or anything... Better ask @BWOT


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Designer
Hello @xXThe12thXx ,

Your re-application has been accepted! Congratulations to the Purple Legion! Lead Builders and I both approve of your plots. Lindolas will assist you if you need it as long as you ask.


Staff member
Application Update:

We have seen you have updated your application. I would really like to see a ned Theme Build. This weeks theme build is a Gondorian Farm. We really want to see your commitment to reclaiming the Artist Rank, this way we can make sure you are as committed as before.