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Artist application


Starting Adventurer
Joined: I joined your server on July 24, 2019.

Why I think I fit this role: I have heard many great things about your server and have seen many videos about it too. I am interested in this role because I love to build and I am looking for a medieval server to build on. I love to help with builds or even build my own things. I have built many medieval worlds on other devices so I think I would be a good fit in the artist role.

things I have done on your server: I have built the Theme build, Annuminas ruining located at -8949 4 40471 facing north.

Style of builds: I like to build all types of medieval styles but, my favorite is dwarven.



Hardcore MCME-er

I noticed you joined 2 days ago, I recommend trying to get commoner first, you get this by getting 10 votes from players artist / guide + for helping with jobs, helping in chat, being active etc. This will give you an extra layer of trust which can help with artist applications.
Also it is best to take screenshots of your builds / jobs you help with on the server or similar style builds you have previously made to help the staff judge your current ability.

- Gadge


Hello Pure,
I would like to see maybe some screenshots of your builds or something like that so we know how they actually are and i do want you to know all the lotr stuff isnt the basic medieval look for example gondor looks more roman. And i think you should Fully follow the app format -https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/artist-application-format.202/